Acoustic Instruments

USB Output Upgrad
USB Output Option for any Luna Guitar with a B-Band Preamp
Vista            . . . Innovative, Individual, Soaring
Vista Wolf Vista Mustang Vista Eagle profile measurements
Profile measurement comparison       
Wolf Mustang Eagle
deco line
Artist                  . . . All Solid, Inspiring & Inspired, Beautifully Appointed
Artist Nouveau Artist Craftsman Artist Deco Artist Deco Nylon  
Nouveau Craftsman Deco Deco Nylon  
deco line
Heartsong                  . . . Ingenius, Vegan, with USB output
Heartsong 12 String Heartsong Grand Concert Heartsong Nylon Heartsong Parlor all with usb output
12 String Grand Concert Nylon Parlor  
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Celtic                  . . . Magical, Contemporary, Joyful
Celtic Horse Celtic Swan  
Horse Swan  
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Americana             . . . Classical, Culturally Inspired, Quintessential
Americana Classic
AMD 100 AMD 50 AMF100 AMP 100 AMJ 100
AMD 100 AMD 50 AMF 100 AMP 100 AMJ 100
Americana Inspired
AME 100 AMT 100 AMM 100 AMZ 100
AME 100 AMT 100 AMM 100 AMZ 100
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Trinity                 . . . Timeless, Enduring, Spiritual
Trinity Dreadnought Trinity Parlor Trinity Nylon 
(lefty available)
Parlor Nylon  
deco line
Henna                     . . . Intricate, Lavish, Passionate
Henna Oasis Spruce Henna Oasis Spruce Henna Oasis Cedar Henna Paradise Spruce Henna Paradise Cedar Henna Oasis Nylon
Sahara Oasis Spruce
(lefty available)
Oasis Cedar Paradise Spruce Paradise Cedar Oasis Nylon
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Muse                           . . . Classic, Celtic, Compelling
Muse Burst Muse 12 String Muse Nylon
Burst Twelve String Nylon
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Oracle                         . . . Unique, Natural, Intuitive
Oracle Folk
Oracle Dragonfly Oracle Dolphin Oracle Rose Oracle Phoenix  
Dragonfly Dolphin Rose Phoenix
Oracle Grand Concert
Oracle Peace Oracle Tattoo Oracle Koi Oracle Butterfly  
Peace Tattoo Koi Butterfly
deco line
Flora                      . . . Intricate, Elegant, Stunning
Flora Rose Flora Passion Flower Flora Lotus Flora Moonflower Rose Nylon  
Rose Passion Flower
(lefty available)
(lefty available)
Rose Nylon
Fauna                      . . . Intricate, Elegant, Stunning
Fauna Koi Fauna Dragon Fauna  Phoenix  
Koi Dragon Phoenix
(lefty available)
Hummingbird Butterfly Dragonfly Dolphin Fauna Luna Moth Guitar Fauna Swift  
(lefty available)
(lefty available)
Quilted Maple
(lefty available)
Luna Moth Swift
Eclipse                           . . . Popular, Bright, Fun
Eclipse Trans-pink Eclipse Trans-pink Trans-purple Trans-blue Trans-black  
Nox Trans-pink Trans-purple Trans-blue Trans-black  

Woodland                       . . . Exotic, Organic, Natural
Spalted Maple Quilted Ash Quilted Ash 12 String Bubinga  
Spalted Maple Ash Ash 12 string Bubinga

Nylon                                  . . . Intricate, Lavish, Classic
Henna Nylon Muse Nylon Rose Nylon Safari Muse Nylon  
Henna Nylon Muse Nylon Rose Nylon Safari Muse Nylon  
Heartsong Nylon Artist Deco Nylon Trinity Nylon Tattoo 6 Nylon Uke  
Artist Deco
(all solid)
Tattoo 6 Uke  
Signature            . . . Masterful, Discriminating, Definitive
Vicki Genfan Signature Guitar profile measurements
Profile measurement comparison       
Vicki Genfan
Signature Guitar
deco line
Safari                                            . . . Carefree, Compact, Convenient
Safari Peace Safari Dragonfly Natural Safari Trinity Safari Dolphin
solid top
Tattoo Peace Dragonfly Trinity Dolphin
Safari Electric Muse Safari Muse Spruce Safari Muse Mahogany Safari Nylon Safari Henna Safari Starry Night
Henna Starry

Folk                                  . . . Bright, Beautiful, Dramatic
Steel Magnolia Resonator Trinity Bouzouki  
Steel Magnolia Resonator Trinity Bouzouki Trinity Mandolin A Trinity Mandolin F 5 String Banjo 6 String Banjo  
Lap Steel Solid Solid Lap Steel Solid Lap Steel  
Solid Lap Steel
Select Lap Steel
Lap Steel

Gypsy                                    . . .Simple, Accessible, Affordable

Gypsy Flame Gypsy Spalt Gypsy Bubinga Gypsy Quilted Ash Trans-Blue  
Flame Spalt Bubinga Quilted Ash

Gypsy Muse Gypsy Parlor Gypsy Henna    
Muse Muse Parlor Henna    

Artistic (available summer 2012)
Lady of Shalott Spirit of the Night      
Lady of Shalott Spirit of the Night      

Acoustic Bass                        . . . Intricate, Lavish, Classic
Tribal Tattoo Muse Bass Henna Bass  
Tribal Tattoo Muse Henna  
Amplifiers & Cases                      . . . Fun, Fitting, Freeing
Uke Amplifier Guitar Amplifier Acoustic Ambience 15 Watt Amplifier Hard Cases Soft Cases  
Uke Amp Guitar Amp Acoustic Ambience
15 & 25 watt
Hard Cases
Soft Cases &
Gig Bags

profile measurements

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