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Roman goddess of the dawn who created the stars and set them out at night, Aurora brings the dawn to begin each day. Luna Guitars' Aurora line offers the perfect beginning also. A student guitar line that pairs affordability with Luna's characteristic easy-to-play design features, the Aurora guitars give young players the perfect instruments on which to learn. Sized for comfort, petite cutaway bodies deliver true sound. The necks are adorned with Luna's signature moon phase fret markers. Sound holes too, are embraced by a crescent moon rosette, giving the Auroras the same look and feel that grace Luna's full-size models. Each of the Aurora guitars comes with its own gig bag adorned with the distinctive Luna crescent moon logo. Luna Guitars' Auroras - where a lifetime of music begins.

About Mary Ann DiNella The "Mermaid" and "Faerie" models feature original artwork by Mary Ann DiNella, Tampa-based artist and musician. Mary Ann has several recordings - and numerous artworks - to her credit. Her nature scenes, often done in watercolors or oils, have been described as a union of reality, fantasy, and mythology. Mary Ann's work is regularly commissioned for both public and private collections.
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