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Folk Series
Above: Bouzouki, Mandolin F, Mandolin A, 5 string and 6 string Banjos, Resonator. Click for individual instrument details.
a style mandolin electric bouzouki f style mandolin Steel Magnolia 5 string banjo 6 string banjo

Because of Luna's commitment to diversity, our Folk instruments includes a bouzouki, two mandolins, two banjos, and a resonator - all with Luna's exclusive ornamentation. Below you'll see three variations on the lap-steel. So whether you are a traditionalist or enjoy integrating traditional instruments into your own style, we hope you will enjoy these offerings.

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Below: Select, Electric, and Solid Lapsteels. Click for individual instrument details.
Lapsteels Select-top Lapsteel Electric Lapsteel Solid-top Lapsteel

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