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Gypsy Exotic and Quilted Ash instruments Quilted Ash Natural Quilted Ash Teal Bubinga Spalt Quilted Ash Red Quilted Ash  Purple Zebra Ash

Gypsy Exotics (above) include the Spalt, Bubinga, Ash and Zebra and Gypsy Quilted Ash in Teal, Purple, Red, and Natural. Click to view individual instrument details

Gypsy acoustics are perfect student guitars for older children or adults that feature the look of some of our regular series at an economical price. Updated in 2015, the Exotics (above) are Grand Concert guitars featuring exotic laminates and the Quilted Ash instruments feature lolipop colors and a gloss natural.

Gypsy Select instruments (below) include the Muse and Henna both full size dreadnoughts, the Muse including a hard shell case. The Gypsy Parlor is a smaller bodied Parlor version of the Muse featuring an onboard tuner, comes with a gig bag.

Gypsy Selects (below) include Muse Parlor and Dreadnought, Henna Dreadnought, and Dream plus Art instruments, Spirit of the Night and the Lady of Shallott. Click to view individual instrument details

Gypsy Select and Art instruments Dream Muse Dreadnought Henna Spirit of the Night Lady of Shallott Muse Parlor Add This

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