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Muse Series
Muse Nylon and Muse 12 String, click instrument for details.
Muse Nylon Muse 12 String

Magnificent instruments that offer tremendous flexibility for players of all musical styles, the Muse series of acoustic and acoustic/electric models is Luna's tribute to creative inspiration. Like their namesakes, the muses, these instruments will fire the creative spirit with their mellow tones and beautiful, rich woods. Lovingly designed to incorporate the delicate twists and turns of ancient Celtic artwork, the Muse guitars are built to please players who seek instruments that produce exquisite sound and offer unparalleled playing comfort at a surprisingly affordable price. On the heelcap of each Muse is a Celtic trisele, the trinity of life …earth sea & sky, father, mother child and symbol of the goddess in three forms: maiden, mother and crone. Like music, this ancient symbol represents the eternal rhythm of life.

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