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Trinity Dreadnought Trinity Parlor

Trinity Parlor and Dreadnought. Click for individual instrument details.

Known for artistic guitars, Luna is pleased to present the Luna Trinity in three styles…..a dreadnought, a parlor and a twelve string.

Each model features a solid Sitka spruce top with the extraordinary
knot work sound hole crafted of Rosewood with Mother of Pearl borders. Mahogany Back and sides put the finishing touches on these elegant instruments.

Easily the most recognizable and ancient Celtic knot work design of all, it is a knot with no beginning or end . . . a continuum of many meanings. Like all Celtic knot work, it symbolizes the never-ending, eternal cycle of life. It has symbolized the three phases of woman("maiden, mother, crone") the family ("mother, father, child") as well as the three planes of existence "body, mind, spirit". Since the fourth century it has represented the triplicate nature of the Christian faith, "Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

B-band preamps provides the ultimate in playing versatility. When your acoustic mood turns electric, the unit provides more than enough power for any setting and the equalizer lets you shape the sound just the way you like it. The electronics include a built- in tuner to take the guesswork out of a flawlessly tuned guitar.

Luna's Mother of Pearl logo shines brightly from a Mahogany headstock with Satin Nickel tuners while Luna's mother of Pearl signature moon phase fret markers make their way across an Rosewood fret board.

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