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Among her musical influences are Fiona Apple, Bonnie Raitt, Ani DiFranco, Allison Krauss and Ella Fitzgerald. While the women's styles may season Amy's own vocals, she is a skilled original when it comes to playing and composing. "I am most proud of my writing gift," says the singer. "I was blessed with a style of writing that I can call my own." One listen to her work and fans readily agree.

Amy plays Luna's distinctive Henna guitar. "And I love it!" she declares. "I was very attracted to the designs of Luna Guitars. Also, with the way they are shaped, the instruments are easier to hold and manage. Everyone I've shown my Henna to has been awed by the color and the design. It's so me."

Next up for this talented performer is a new album. "We are in the studio working right now," Amy says. In the meantime, she's concentrating on building her fan base and demand for the new album. Check Amy out at "I would love to hear from you," she says, "and know your opinion about my music. Please write to me on MySpace and let me know you're out there!"

Self-taught player Amy Kuney learned guitar chords from a Wal-Mart poster her dad brought back to the family's Honduras home following a trip to the U.S. The child of missionaries, Amy, born in Tulsa, OK, spent her teen years in circumstances most kids would find hard to deal with. The experience helped inspire creativity in this versatile and talented young artist.

Amy says she wrote her first song when she was just twelve years old. "The Hanson brothers had just come out with 'Mmm-bop,'" she explains. "I wanted to write a song like that. But I wasn't schooled in songwriting at the time, so my version came out as Mmm-bad."

The singer and composer is not the only musical talent in the Kuney family. "My dad was in a band during his college days and toured overseas," Amy says the her mom has a beautiful voice and plays piano for church. Her older sister is a touring violinist for Kanye West. It's no wonder that Amy followed her muse into music as well.

"I always knew I would be somehow involved in music," she says. "It's really the only thing I have strongly pursued." Amy also loves to write humorous short stories about her family and the time she spent as a "missionary kid." She enjoys reading and foreign films, too.

Luna is pleased to call Amy Kuney a Luna Artist.

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