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Chrysta Bell 'This Train' produced by David Lynch

On the subject of Chrysta Bell you can find quotes from Rolling Stone and the L.A. Times, but we like this one best:

"... a muse of higher order, a cool siren with a stunning voice of rare dramatic power and range." -Irish Times

Luna talks with Chrysta Bell

You're really a "multi-sensory" a performance artist.  Do you consider yourself a vocalist, actress, poet, combination of them all or, someone without a category?

I’ve taken on the label of ‘entertainer’ recently. I would not classify myself as a poet or actress, as there are people who dedicate their lives to those specific arts and I would not want to infringe on that territory. First and foremost, I consider myself a singer, as that has been my primary focus as long as I can remember. Singing while on stage for an audience and fully emoting the songs, accenting with movement and interacting with various stage elements makes one into an entertainer in my mind. Or at least, that’s how I feel about it this week!

Chrysta Bell with her Rose Guitar
If you could choose one word to describe what it was like working with David Lynch and his influence on you?


Your music has many, many layers, I'd love to know who/what influences you?

My personal experiences and the experiences in the world around me and my internal response to all those experiences is the biggest influence on my music.

Music is my filter to fully process these experiences as well as my preferred form of expression.

We believe that music can be a "life-giving," rain for a parched world.  
What songs do we need now?

Soothing songs. Songs of compassion and the desire seek and follow the highest path. Songs of celebration for the beauty that exists.

What's one thing that brings you joy?

Baby meerkats.

What do you like about your Luna? (We just have to ask.)

I like the way it fits my body and how it feels to have it strapped on.

I adore the design of the rose inlay. I super appreciate the tuning feature being so accessible and accurate. I just love my Luna and I'm very happy to be a part of the Luna tribe.