Crystal Shawanda sits down with Luna Guitars

Q: You state in your biography that to Native Americans, music is your everything....your storytelling, your history and your dance. How close to that description do you think contemporary Western music comes?
A: I think the description is right on target, actually I think in any genre it is impossible not to translate our different backgrounds and experiences through our music. Music is how we keep a moment in time,captured forever. As human beings we all long to connect and and just want to be able to relate, at least I know I do.

Q: What do you think makes country music most unique as a genre?
A: I think what makes country music most unique is the honesty, the sincerity although that has to be said for most genres.....maybe it's just a bit more vulnerable.

Q: What makes country fans different?
A: What makes country music fans different is simply they sing along to country music! They really are incredible though. I've seen them sit in the rain through our shows, wait in the freezing cold at one of my meet n greets, and my favorite, sing along to the album cuts we do live and not just the hits. I think that's pretty cool.

Q: How did music "save" you in your formative years?
A: Music saves me because it heals me. Every time I sing, I let it all out. Every time I write a song, I deal with my troubled heart. When I play guitar, I get it out. When I sing, the hurt and anything bad is just gone.

Q: You also state in your biography that "If I couldn't write and sing, I couldn't talk and feel" That's a pretty powerful statement. Can you elaborate?
A: If I couldn't write and sing, I couldn't talk and feel, is a powerful statement because to be able to connect is a powerful thing. Music was how I was always able to relate to the world. It was my glue to know that I'm not the only who feels like this.That's just always gotten me through.

Q: Is there anything you would like to share with our readers about what is currently happening in your life?
A: I hope everyone checks out my new single "Beautiful Day". It's now available on Itunes, Amazon, can also check out the video on youtube and tell your friends. And just thank you for reading!

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