What Makes Luna Different?


Luna's specially designed neck profile creates a guitar that's particularly easy to chord and comfortable to play. Some of Luna's electric models have been sculpted and/or have used lighter woods so that their lightweight construction make long sets a breeze.

Groundbreaking Ornamentation

Laser: Luna was the first to take laser etching from around the sound hole rosette to using the entire front, back, and head stock as a canvas ( Henna Series)

Inlay Design: Again, Luna has taken traditional inlay around the sound hole and has pushed the envelope with freeform inlay at sound hole and employing the actual body of the guitar (Luna,  Flora,  Fauna,  Oracle series)

Digital Imaging: Luna pioneered the use of digital imaging on both the front and back of the guitar (Fantasie Series)

Pick guard Design: Luna has employed the pick guard in unprecedented ways (Athena Gazelle,  Neo YourSpace)

Symbols and Images: Luna has employed the use of symbols and images that, beyond the decorative element, have layers of meaning for players.

Encouragement of Creativity

Luna encourages players to express their artistic side by designing their own guitars (Aurora Imagine,  Neo YourSpace)

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