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Austin, Texas is home to Luna Guitars Artist Abra Moore. A veteran of the acclaimed Lilith Fair tour, Abra embarked on a musical career at the age of six, when she began composing her own songs. She later studied piano and picked up the guitar, as well. While a student at the University of Hawaii, Abra and friends founded the band Poi Dog Pondering in the mid-1980s. As Columbia recording artists, the group developed a following before Abra moved on to a solo track in the '90s. Her first album on her own was Sing, a folk-pop collection released in 1995 by Bohemia Beat records.

Abra saw her music reach a new level after she transitioned to a sound that's been described as "contemporary alternative rock," and signed with the Arista label. There, she released Strangest Places in 1997. The cut "Four Leaf Clover" won her a Grammy nomination for Best Female Vocal Performance. Now several more CDs down the career path, Abra's again in the studio and is working with Seattle's Sarathan Records.

Abra's Lilith Fair tenure began in the aftermath of her Grammy nomination, and she toured with Sarah McLachlan and company, then with groups like Barenaked Ladies, Collective Soul and Third Eye Blind. The visibility of "Four Leaf Clover" and two years of touring also led to Abra's songs being chosen for more than 20 TV and movie productions. "Trip on Love" was heard in Cruel Intentions, while "Strangest Places" graced Melrose Place and Baywatch. And there were many others.

The artist says that her fans are "mesmerized by the beauty" of her Luna guitar. Her introduction to the company came at a NAMM show in Texas. Says Abra, "I popped my head through the velvet curtain at the NAMM show in Austin and saw these beautiful, whimsical, ethereal instruments. I love the neck [on my Spirit of the Night]. It is really comfortable to play."

The multi-talented Abra also has acting turns to her credit, including an appearance in the cult film Slacker. Keep an eye out for more on this high-profile Luna Artist. And look for that haunting Spirit of the Night acoustic guitar if you catch one of Abra's live appearances during her 2007 nationwide trek. The instrument also appears on the cover of her latest CD, On The Way, slated for a June 2007 release by the Sarathan label. Check the dates and locations of her upcoming gigs and read more about this award-winning musician at her site www.abramoore.com.
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Luna is pleased to call Abra Moore a Luna Artist.

Watch Abra's video "Sugarite" to see her playing her Luna Spirit of the Night

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