Alaria Taylor
Alaria Taylor with her
Luna Midsummer Night's Dream

Wisconsin-based singer and composer Alaria Taylor's expressive voice and award-winning songwriting talents make her a welcome addition to the ranks of Luna Guitars' artists. A couple of years of childhood guitar lessons were set aside while Alaria attended school, but she eventually returned to music and now plays both guitar and piano.

You can't help but love Alaria's sparkling sense of humor, evident in her description of her songwriting history: "Like most songwriters, my first song was about being abducted by aliens," she says, tongue only somewhat in cheek. "I'm not kidding. I was in Sedona, Arizona at the time. I've branched out since then to other less controversial topics: Virgin Mary apparitions, choosing a Filet-o-Fish instead of a Big Mac at the drive-through, evil doctors who give you the run-around ... and of course, dysfunctional love songs and variations on that theme."

Versatile doesn't begin to do justice to the impressive career Alaria's built. From her days at the University of Wisconsin at Madison where she beat out hundreds of fellow competitors for a spot in a major show choir group that toured across the U.S. and beyond, to stints in venues from dinner theatres to theme parks to cruise ships, Alaria's polished her performing skills to a fine luster. She's won numerous awards, including Billboard Magazine's Songwriting Contest. Especially amazing since an illness in 2000 left her deaf in one ear. Also impressive is Alaria's commitment to mentoring others. As director of Chick Singer Night in Milwaukee, she's part of a national non-profit organization that helps female artists in every stage of their careers. "I love working with all the artists," she says, "putting showcases together, performing with new talents, getting great gigs like Summerfest ... it's been a lot of fun."

Most recently, Alaria's "Unfinished Business" was announced as a finalist in VH-1's Song of the Year contest. According to Alaria, fans love her Luna Midsummer Night's Dream: "Everyone wants to know 'What is that? Where'd you get it?'" She loves the guitar, she says, because it's "unusual, feminine, gorgeous and grabs a lot of attention." Asked for her advice to Luna players and aspiring musicians, the artist says, "Don't ever give up! There is a plan for your life. It might not unfold the way you want it to, but everything is going to be ok. Oh ... and everyone should get a Luna guitar!" Alaria welcomes questions and contact from Luna players at her site: or at

Luna is pleased to call Alaria Taylor a Luna Artist.

Alaria Taylor

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