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Brenda Lowry - lead vocalist, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist with south Louisiana's Blue Merlot - describes herself as a "mostly self-taught" guitarist who, even now, is taking lessons. She studied piano and voice, which she has put to good use not only in her current blues (and more - the group's site characterizes themselves as "gumbo funk") band, but also in her gospel duo God and Guitars. "I remember writing melodies at a very young age," Brenda says. "First just singing, then writing them down when I learned how. I was in the 8th grade the first time I wrote an actual song with words and a structure and sang it for my school."

Along with Joshua "Bubba" Murrell, Brenda established Blue Merlot in 2001 and saw the group go on to win the Louisiana Blues Challenge. Later joined by brothers Louis and Gerald Romero, the band garnered enthusiastic acclaim for its engaging sound, skilled performances and entertaining live shows. Brenda tells the poignant story behind Blue Merlot's heralded self-titled CD, released late in 2006: "After a lifetime of dreaming, and a lot of work, our CD represented a path of miracles and challenges. We'd started serious preproduction in the early summer of 2005, and then Hurricane Katrina hit. Three weeks later, Hurricane Rita slammed the west side of Louisiana. Everything, everyone was deeply affected - our world, our state - literally changed forever. My home was intact, but our family business suffered from the flood, as did our neighbors and their homes. Things looked bleak and I often felt downright hopeless. But time went on, we went on, and the CD project took a different path...sort of like hurricanes do sometimes. The music was healing, a catharsis. When we finally finished recording, I knew that I was changed, reborn." After her introduction to Luna Guitars at a Texas NAMM show, Brenda found that she identified with the company's philosophy and loved that Luna had a "vision for instruments for women and girls, yet wasn't exclusively female. These instruments come from the soul," she says. "As such, I believe they can only enhance the music, and help create a more open channel for music to flow through. There are some instruments that will make a person a better player - partly because you want to play them more, and partly because there is a magic in the instrument itself. Luna's Pandora 12-string gets winning marks with me!"

Luna Artist Brenda Lowry & Blue Merlot

The instrument wins with Blue Merlot fans too. Brenda explains, "This guitar gets attention. Every time we play, another guitar player approaches me and asks about it. I often just hand them the guitar and watch their face. I also watch their reaction as they pick it up, clearly braced to hold a much heavier instrument. Wow! I've felt like a Luna ambassador for months now." Meet Luna's great new ambassador and her bandmates at Welcome to Luna, Brenda!

Luna is pleased to call Brenda Lowry a Luna Artist.


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