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Enid Williams

As a founding member of the UK band Girlschool, Enid Williams has built a wealth of experience touring, including supportive duties for the likes of Uriah Heep in 1980/81.

Girlschool has seen many members come and go since it began life in South London as a rock cover band called Painted Lady. Along with Enid, Girlschool musicians have included Kim McAuliffe, Deidre Cartright, Go-Go's member-to-be Kathy Valentine, Kelly Johnson (who recently and tragically lost her life to cancer) and Denise Dufort, to name a few. "I left the band in 1982," Enid notes, "returning in 2000."

Enid has proven to be a consummate musician. In addition to the bass, she plays electric and acoustic guitars and handles lead vocals for Girlschool. "Some years back," she says, "I toured with a rock musical, 'Return to the Forbidden Planet.' In that role, I played a few songs on sax, drums and keyboards, had a guitar solo and contributed rhythm guitar and bass, too." Wow!

When Luna Guitars first came to her attention, Enid says it was a match made in heaven. "As an astrologer with Cancer rising, I'm ruled by the moon, so I loved the waxing/waning moon symbols up the fretboards of the guitars! I have small hands, so I find the bass easy and comfortable to play. It sounds great and looks really cool!"
Glam rockers like David Bowie, Alice Cooper and Marc Bolan join metal musicians like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Motorhead on Enid's list of players who have influenced her style. "Musically speaking," she says, "I'm most proud of forming the first British girl rock group and the longest running female band in the world! Also, a couple of tracks from the 'Believe' album for which I wrote the lyrics and co-wrote the music: 'Never Say Never' and 'Crazy.' I like a lot of the bass on that album too."

Up next for Enid and her bandmates is the anticipated release of a 30th anniversary album in 2008. The band continues to tour as well. For more information on and where you can Girlschool perform, check out the myspace page:

Luna is pleased to call Enid Williams a Luna Artist.

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