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Holly O'Reilly Figueroa
photo by Robert Peate

Holly Figueroa

I love Luna's philosophy and mission," declares Holly Figueroa. "It was the same mission I started Indiegrrl with: affirming and empowering females of all ages by encouraging their growth and expression through music." Indiegrrl is the singer's nonprofit organization - a collective of men and women - and independent record label, both of which are devoted to advocacy for women in the music industry.

Hailing originally from Ohio, Holly is a West Coast transplant who has toured just about every inch of the country in-between as a celebrated folk and blues performer.
"I'm not really a blues artist," Holly has said, describing herself, instead, as "more of a songwriter with a very prominent blues influence." Either way, fans agree with music reviewers that the performer is a powerhouse talent. National Public Radio has featured Holly's music on its acclaimed and popular program "All Things Considered," and the musician is a past songwriting contest finalist recognized for her insightful lyrics.

Holly O'Reilly & Zak Borden
Holly & Zak Borden - photo by Robert Peate

Having once considered medicine as a career, Holly decided to follow her muse instead - perhaps one reason why she chose a Muse Quilted Ash to play onstage. "It's a really beautiful instrument," Holly says. And she calls the model's onboard Orion electronic tuner one of her favorite features. "I mean, who has that?!" she asks, adding, "and it sounds AWESOME!"

Providing living testament to the fact that some women can have it all, Holly manages to write music and perform while also raising a young daughter and son. In fact, the kids often accompany her to her gigs, Holly reveals. In addition to being an attentive mom, "I know how to manage a band, record, duplicate, distribute, and publicize a CD, book a tour, get publicity for myself and get radio airplay," she declares. Now that's multi-tasking! Visit Holly's site

Luna is pleased to call Holly Figueroa a Luna Artist.

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