Jackie Chambers


Guitarist Jackie Chambers laughs when asked how she feels about her Luna Guitars Andromeda electric. "Feels light and easy to play, and the sound is good," she explains about the lightweight instrument with the Flame Grape finish. But the best part is "the rest of the band are jealous of it." 'The band' is Girlschool, an all-female British metal group that's been a cult favorite for more than two decades. Jackie signed on about six years ago as lead guitarist.

Her early interest in music became a family affair. "My first band was with my brother playing bass guitar," says Jackie, who reveals she plays bass and tinkers on the keyboard, in addition to her six-string skills. "We started together (which was a help). My dad used to be a drummer in a rock 'n' roll band in the '60s. He bought a guitar, too, and we all learned together."

When it comes to musical influences, Jackie calls herself "a huge Alice Cooper fan. And she gives Alice the nod for providing the backdrop for her proudest musical moment: "We did a support tour with Alice Cooper. After growing up with his music, it was always a dream of mine when I was at school. For it to actually happen was amazing for me. Great gigs too." Jackie also names guitarists like Brian May among the artists who helped shape her musical tastes.

Get Jackie off the stage and look out! This musician's a brown belt in Karate who also has tried her hand ... er, foot ... at kick boxing. The sports lover says she's quite the terror on the badminton court, too! Jackie says that like many professional musicians, she's paid her dues with a string of part-time jobs to make financial ends meet while she devoted herself to her muse. "Most musicians know it's not always the most stable of careers," she observes, "but it's worth it."

Look for a new CD from Girlschool at Jackie Chambers at www.girlschool.co.uk. The disk will be part of the band's 30th anniversary celebration, according to Jackie. Performances are on the books, too. "We have quite a few festivals coming up this year, mainly in Europe. We have a USA and Canada tour planned later this year, but the dates haven't been confirmed yet."

Luna is pleased to call Jackie Chambers a Luna Artist.

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