James K
Plays It For the Kids

James K & his Luna Dragonfly

Three songs from James K

As one of 13 siblings, it seems like destiny that James K would one day grow up and write children's songs. The self-taught guitarist grew up on a dairy farm in Michigan and wrote his first song at age 12, inspired by a conversation on a school bus. He says the entertainer he most identifies with is Burl Ives. James was inspired after performing a song for his daughter's kindergarten class a decade ago. Since then he has released three albums: A Giggle Can Wiggle its Way Through a Wall; Good Morning Sun, Goodnight Moon and Shoe Rock. Each album has won a Parents Choice and IParenting Media award.

James is a self-taught guitar player. "I've tried to take lessons a couple of times and even took a couple of classes at the college," he says. "But I seem to have some kind of mental block about learning to read music so that hasn't worked for me."
The Luna Dragonfly is James's guitar of choice. "I was taken by the beauty of the Dragonfly model, its size and its features," he says of his introduction to Luna's gorgeous guitars. "I am not a big person so the smaller body size fits me perfectly and it sounds great when I plug it into an amp."

James plans to add the Luna Phoenix and Dragon models to his collection so he can have them each in different tunings for different songs.

"My Dragonfly is visually stunning and everyone who sees it is amazed," he says. "The inlays are gorgeous and the irid-flip finish captivates the imagination of kids and adults alike. With every move I make the guitar changes color; it's magic and everyone loves it! They always ask me, 'how does it do that?'"

Most of all, it's the sound and ease of playing that makes the Luna so special.

"The guitar is easier on my right shoulder than a full bodied dreadnought. It has a mellow and even tone when I fingerpick and it sounds full when I strum it. It also sounds good plugged into an amp because I can easily adjust the high, lows and mids with the onboard controls. I also like the built-in tuner."

These days James enjoys the freedom of being self-employed. He has a full concert schedule, entertaining at family events and sing-alongs mostly at Pottery Barn Kids, malls, libraries and schools in Northern California, where he lives with his wife Miki and three children.

"I list all my shows on the calendar page of my website www.jamesk.com," he says. "I love to have people say hello to me at my shows, especially if they are Luna folks."

We are proud to call James K (aka James Konwinski) a Luna artist.

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