Jaymie Jones

Jaymie Jones

A country singer/songwriter, Jaymie Jones writes personal songs with an honest and authentic voice that touch the heart and sings with a little Dolly Parton & Stevie Nicks mixed in. She was recently in the studio with famed producer Don Gehman, (John Mellencamp, Hootie & the Blowfish, Pat Green, Jason Michael Carroll) and has a dynamic live show, reflecting her years of touring with her sisters in Mulberry Lane.

As one of the 4 sisters of Mulberry Lane, Jaymie Jones, co-songwriter, co-lead singer and guitarist, had unprecedented success on MCA Records, as an all girl band, out of the heartland of America, produced by Don Gehman. 18 months ago, Jaymie began a musical journey on her own, writing music in the genre she grew up listening to, and has always loved, country music. "My songs have always come out country. I decided it was time to step out on my own and express myself, dig deep, create what I've always wanted to do in my life." Jaymie began her solo project, knowing the only thing that matters is . . "the paper, pen and guitar at my kitchen table at midnight, the experience of a real woman in real life, the heartbreak and hope of it all."

As song after song flowed out of her, she sent them to Gehman, her former record label head, and friend. Don loved her songs, and wanted to produce her record. "Don understands my inner voice. I am blessed to be working him, as he is so intuitive. He gets that even my uptempo rockers come from that place of deep realization of the struggles of life, and the stories of the everyday heroes that carry on."

At the same time, her demos caught the ear of Erik Johnson, PD of KXKT the KAT, Clear Channel Omaha. Erik encouraged her to step out on her own, with her unique country vocal sound. Last November, Don took Jaymie in the studio in LA with stellar musicians Kenny Aronoff on drums, Tim Pierce on guitar and Chris Chaney on bass. On February 1, 2011, Jaymies first single, Armour, made it's radio debut, on KXKT, the KAT in Omaha. More stations began coming on in Nebraska, and growing to surrounding states. Jaymie knows industry folks are watching her. But what means the most is fans connecting to her music. This past December, on a Holiday Tour with Mulberry Lane, for her solo, Jaymie performed a song she had written about SGT Justin Duffy, KIA in Iraq called Shepherd. At the end of her performance, she stood on the stage, alone, for a 3 minute standing ovation from the crowd of 2,000. "We were all connected. I feel I have arrived."

The signature harmonies of Mulberry Lane have taken them around the world, up the charts (#25 US pop/ top 40 chart; #6 in Japan), on national and international TV and radio shows (including Good Morning America, Regis, CBS This Morning, CNN, VH-1, Fox, Delilah, John Tesh, and nationally televised National Anthems on ESPN and NBC), and into the homes of Mulberry Lane fans in over 16 countries. They have sold over 500,000 CDs and played for crowds up to 130,000.

Luna Talks with Jaymie Jones

LG: When did you write your first song?

JJ: I wrote my first song when I was 14. It was called "Home." I wrote this song sitting in the corner of the stairwell in high school - it was a bit of a lonely time for me.

LG: Is your family musically inclined?

JJ: Yes, I have spent most my life performing and writing with my 3 sisters in a band called Mulberry Lane. We were on MCA Records out of Los Angeles in the early 2000's. We had a top 25 AC hit with a song we wrote called "Harmless," and we toured all over

Jaymie Jones

the US, Europe & Japan, and did many national TV shows. It was a fun and enriching experience, and we still work together, as my sisters and I do holiday tour every year to sell-out audiences in the midwest. I began my solo project about 18 months ago, when I really felt the need to write songs about my life, my journey. It was a very cathartic process, and I sat at my kitchen table at midnight and wrote these songs. I realized I had so much to say about being a woman in America today, a mom, a dreamer - the hope and struggle of it all. As I started to send my songs out, I began to get some really good reaction to them, and producer Don Gehman really liked my "voice", and wanted to work with me. That's when things started rolling.

LG: What attracted you to Luna Guitars?
JJ: I love how they look - very feminine and pretty. Plus, Lunas are light and comfortable to play. I also like the size of the fret board, which makes bar chords a breeze. Of course the tone is great, and I love the built in tuner.

LG: Which Luna instruments do you have/play?
JJ: I play the rose Lotus Luna. I am inspired by the meaning of the Lotus flower, it reflects the journey of my life. It's a beautiful guitar.

LG: What do you love most about your Luna?
JJ: I think it's funny whenever I take my Luna out of the case and I'm with guy musicians, they all come over and look at it and are very interested in it. They play it, sometimes they measure it - they are just intrigued! I like the fact that I have a really cool feminine guitar that all the guys are jealous of :)

LG: Who were your musical influences?
JJ: Dolly Parton, Lucinda Williams, Stevie Nicks, Carole King, Jennifer Nettles, Ingrid Michaelson, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp

LG: What are some of your other passions?
JJ: I am most passionate about people following their dreams. I believe every wall is a door, you just have to keep looking for ways to see the door.

LG: Did you have to sacrifice anything in particular to pursue your musical career?
JJ: Like so many women who juggle a lot of responsibilities these days, I think I sacrifice sleep the most. That may not sound like a big deal, but women out there know what I'm talking about.

LG: What are you most proud of musically?
JJ: I am most proud that record producer Don Gehman loved my songs and believed in my message to produce my record. Don has an incredible track record with artists like John Mellencamp, Hootie and the Blowfish, Tracy Chapman, Nanci Griffin, Pat Green, Jason Michael Carroll. Most of these artists have won Grammy's with his production. I am very blessed to be working with him, as he is such an intuitive soul. The musicians that played on my songs are the best in the world, Kenny Aranoff on drums, Tim Pierce on guitars, and Chris Chaney on bass.

LG: What's you next CD and its scheduled release date?
JJ: I already have a lot of my music on iTunes, the link is: Jaymie Jones Music

LG: Are you touring or appearing somewhere that you'd like Luna fans to know about?
JJ: I am touring, and the best way to know where I am is to check out my website

LG: Do you play any benefit shows? What causes are close to your heart?
JJ: Yes, closest to my heart is the American soldier, to make sure they come home to a country that embraces and appreciates then, that heals their wounds and honors their sacrifices. I think my song "Shepherd" reflects that.

LG: Any additional information you'd like Luna fans to know? Jaymie Jones: I post daily on Facebook, so if you'd like to keep up with my daily adventures, join me there at www.facebook.com/jaymiejonesmusic

LG: What is your favorite word?
JJ: My favorite word is hope.

LG: What is your least favorite word?
JJ: Having 2 young active sons, my least favorite word is "ER."

LG: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
JJ: I hope to inspire women, who might have put their creative talents on the back burner for oh-so-many reasons, to realize that their dreams are still attainable, and they deserve the chance to follow those dreams. I feel most inspired when I post a link to my latest demo on my FB page, and people post that the song touched them, or was very relatable to them, like "that's just how i feel." When I make that sort of connection, it makes me very happy.

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