Jim Diamond Shines Brightest in the Studio

Producer, Jim Diamond
Producer Jim Diamond knows a thing or two about quality sound. He's recorded, produced, co-produced or mixed beloved indie rock bands such as The Von Bondies, The White Stripes, The Charms, The Dirtbombs, The Electric Six and countless other bands starting with "The" from the U.S. and beyond.

Jim, who names '60s rockers like Steppenwolf and Led Zeppelin as his greatest early influences, was looking for a 12-string acoustic guitar to compliment the arsenal of instruments at his Detroit studio, Ghetto Recorders, when he discovered the Muse 12-string.

"Luna definitely seemed like the right guitar," he, uh, muses. "I love the build quality. It's really great, especially considering the price. I have a band here called Choo Choo from Bern, Switzerland right now and they love it. We used it on a couple of tracks and it sounds great."

Jim mainly plays bass and guitar but also dabbles in keyboard, saxophone and vocals now and then. He studied audio and video production and music in college. Then, he confesses, "I got a job recording car commercials and a lot of Christian metal at a little studio in Michigan." He lived in Austin for a couple of years, but moved back to Detroit where he soon found himself recording friends' bands on a small 8-track. Today he is one of Detroit's most successful go-to sound guys.

On those rare occasions when he's not in the studio, Jim collects vintage hi-fi equipment and chills out by enjoying his 55 and 90 gallon aquariums. Mostly though, it's all about the music.

"These are really great guitars," Jim says enthusiastically of his 12-string Muse. "Everyone should play one." We can't help but agree!

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