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Joe Wizda

The Charms lead guitarist and co-founder is Joe Wizda. Like bandmate Marc Nigro, Joe attended Boston's prestigious Berklee School of Music. "But mostly I learned to play from records," he reveals. "Jeff Beck, Zepplin and Gene Vincent."

"People are always wondering what this crazy little guitar is!" Joe exclaims, describing fans' reactions to the Luna Guitars Athena Gazelle he plays. The sizzling Art Deco model has what Joe calls "an awesome '50s sound." In fact, he says it was the guitar's distinctive-sounding pickups that first attracted his attention. "I borrowed one for a show and I love it," he enthuses. "Luna guitars are fantastic instruments. I'll be playing one for a long time."

A passionate reader when he isn't busy onstage or writing new songs, Joe says his musical influences included Cliff Gallup, Ace Frehley, Jimmy Page and the incomparable legendary jazz guitarist Charlie Christian.

The Charms' Strange Magic CD is the musical achievement Joe says he's proudest of to date, but like any good working band, the creative forces behind The Charms are already looking toward their next great effort. "We are in the middle of writing a new record right now," says Joe, noting that the group is tentatively shooting for a fall 2007 completion. "We've also done a ton of benefit shows," he adds. "My favorite was a series our manager put together to help abandoned animals."

Luna is pleased to call Joe Wizda a Luna Artist.

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