Justine Blazer
Justine with her Athena Gazelle
She plays her Henna in the video below.

Justine Blazer

When I was about eight years old I realized that I have these tunes, lyrics and melodies in my head all the time," says Detroit singer and songwriter Justine Blazer. "I started writing them down. Even though I didn't really know what they meant, I realized this is something special." Fans of country, blues and other genres have recognized something special in Justine. The musical powerhouse has a voice that won't quit and the will to go the distance in the industry.

A Detroit native, Justine was taking dance lessons by the tender age of three, voice lessons at five, and piano at ten. Her first country EP followed when she was 13. No surprise that this woman -- once known as "the little kid with the big voice" -- would cut her musical teeth at such venues as fairs, festivals, musicals, contests and talent shows before turning her attention to the professional music scene in her hometown and beyond. A vocalist of exceptional talent, Justine also plays keyboards, piano and acoustic guitar.

The child of a former dancer, Justine spent many hours in a dance studio during the early years of her life. There, she experienced a variety of musical genres and got to know the work of a wide range of singers. It didn't hurt that her dad was "a huge Motown lover." Asked to name her musical influences, Justine cites the greats: the Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Buddy Holly, the Rolling Stones, Bette Midler, Whitney Houston, Wynonna Judd and Judy Garland. "I studied all of their styles and fused it into my own sound," she adds.

"I heard about Luna Guitars through some other musicians and it intrigued me," says Justine. "A local promoter called one day and told me that Luna Guitars had endorsed some country artists. I sent my press kit and the rest is history. So far my Luna Henna guitar has been a wonderful addition to my show. Everywhere I play, people stop me in my tracks and just go crazy over that guitar. They love it! I have a lot of fans on Myspace," she continues. "Everyone was so excited about the endorsement. A lot of people wrote me and shared that they have a Luna guitar themselves and love theirs, too."

In addition to guitar, the talented singer plays piano and keyboards. Passionate about her music, Justine shares, "I am proud of the fact that I have reached my level of success on my own. No major label, no major promoter or influence. Just me, my voice and my guitar -- my opening act work; headlining at major venues; singing the national anthem in front of 60,000+ people for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHRA; touring; releasing three albums (soon to be four); writing songs; and more -- it's all been on my own and I am proud of that."

Justine calls her Red, White and Blue CD her "best work yet. Every song means something to me. I hope everyone who picks up a copy feels the same way." Proving 2007 to be her year, the singer earned three nominations for the annual Detroit Music Awards. Current tour dates and more info on Luna Artist Justine Blazer are online at

Luna is pleased to call Justine Blazer a Luna Artist.

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