Katrina Johansson


Katrina Johansson has the genetic makeup to be a perfect Luna ambassador..... she has an awesome musical talent and comes from an artistically talented family. She took formal lessons to start her career but feels that "learning can come from many forms....playing in a band, writing songs or recording."

Katrina plays an Apollo and "could not resist the purple finish". She also notes that her Apollo did not require a special set up and beyond her initial attraction states "I love the way the neck feels. The Apollo is not too heavy, the neck is easy to play, and the volume control is in reach if I want to do volume swells. Also, the finish on the hardware is really unique!"

Katrina's musical influences were Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Ritchie Blackmore, Vinnie Moore, Gary Moore, and Opeth to name a few.

Her other passions beyond music are running, biking and her dogs. She believes that the way we treat animals is a reflection of our humanity, and that "Animals do not have a voice, so any cause that helps secure and preserve their safety is dear to my heart."

She is most proud musically of her second CD, " Love, Surender and Forgiveness" which, as its' title implies, was a labor of love and an important part of her life's journey. Since the CD's release, she is busy writing, playing and representing Luna as a clinician.

Learn more about Katrina at katrinaguitar.com and myspace.com/katrinajohansson

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