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Lanning Kann started playing guitar in 1987. He bought the Guns and Roses tablature for "Sweet Child Of Mine," and spent the next 2 weeks learning to play it. "I had never picked up a guitar before so you can imagine how difficult it was to figure out what I was doing," he says, "but I learned the whole song. My parents put me into lessons the next week. They said it was a duck in water kind of match."

Lanning spent the next four months taking lessons but the instructor said he was learning faster than the three other people in his class so he decided to go at it on his own and turned to books and instructional videos to figure it out. He attended the National Guitar Workshop the following summer for two weeks, but other than that experience, he says he has taught himself to play.

A good friend turned Lanning on to Luna Guitars and he is now the proud owner of a trans-black Apollo.

"I really liked the aesthetics of the Apollo and the design of the acoustics," he says. "I don't find myself looking down at my fingers as much. That may sound strange, but that means the guitar fits me better and is an extension of me."

Lanning's short list of musical heroes includes Jimi Hendrix, Paul Gilbert, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhodes, Jake E. Lee, Dimebag Darrell, Shannon Larkin, Chris Adler and Rob Zombie.

When he's not playing and touring, Lanning enjoys scary films. "A rainy day at home watching horror movies is like heaven to me," he says. "Other than that, I am a pretty simple guy. Music is my true passion. I hope to keep performing and entertaining as many people as I can for as long as I live. Keep music alive!"

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We are proud to call Lanning Kann a Luna artist.

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