Lori Linstruth

Lori Linstruth

Like many Luna artists, guitarist Lori Linstruth says she grew up in a musical family. "My mom plays classical piano," she explains. "My dad used to play violin; one of my brothers plays sax and the other plays drums." Lori reveals that she also plays keyboards and bass "well enough to record my songs."

"I found Luna Guitars' Web site when I was researching guitars specially designed for women," says Lori. "I could see that the people at Luna had positive, empowering values and I fell in love with the company's vibe before I'd ever even played one of their instruments." Once she'd had a chance to get hands-on with a Luna Andromeda, the performer was hooked. "Playing one just sealed the deal," she exclaims.
From her 2004 debut demo CD that featured what Lori describes as "darkly melodic instrumental guitar music," the musician has moved into prestigious company. That same year, she assembled her own band Warbride. Subsequently, she's also gone on to play guitar for Swedish one-man musical force Arjen Lucassen and his band Stream of Passion. In addition, Lori's contributed material to Janne Stark's Mountain of Power.

Asked about her musical influences, Lori cites guitarists Michael Schenker, Uli Roth, Yngwie Malmsteen and Brian May. Although she isn't touring during the remainder of 2007 because of personal obligations, Lori says she is at work penning new songs for her next instrumental CD. "With luck," she comments, "the disk will be finished and released some time in 2008."

Lori says she loves her Grape Andromeda's distinctive body shape. "It's sleek and feminine but still looks like a guitar that means business. I also love its light weight, slim neck and overall sound." She calls fans' reactions to the instrument "very positive."

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