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Marc Nigro

Luna artist Marc Nigro is well known to fans of garage rock as the bassist for the band The Charms. Marc says he's learned his craft through both formal lessons and the fine art of self-teaching and pratice. "I took band and music class in school," he explains, "and had some private lessons off and on." Of course, it didn't hurt that Marc also put in a few terms at the famed Berklee College of Music.

Surprisingly, the rocker started his musical journey playing cello. That was in grade school, Marc says. From there, he played brass instruments during elementary and secondary school, adding electric bass when he was in eighth grade. "I also like to play drums, guitar and keys," Marc says, "but bass is my first love."

A veteran of multiple bands during his career, Marc also answers calls for studio work and picks up sideman gigs when he can fit them into his busy schedule. Asked about his musical influences, the bassist names the Beatles, the Who, the Rolling Stones, the Cars and the Police. "But it was John Paul Jones and Led Zeppelin that made me want to play bass," he adds.

Known for their powerhouse live shows, The Charms released their first CD on the Wicked Cool label in 2007. Strange Magic, produced by Jim Diamond, immediately started a gratifying chart climb and received enthusiastic press. "We're always working on new ideas and songs," says Marc, noting that the disc is available both online and in stores nationwide.

The "cool look and design" of Luna guitars made Marc a believer, as did a few licks on his Pandora Single Cutaway Bass. "It sounds great and I love the tone and feel of it," he says.

Luna is pleased to call Marc Nigro a Luna Artist.

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