Meagan Tubb

Meagan Tubb by Edward Verosky
photos by Edward Verosky

Beginning with piano lessons when she was a child, Meagan Tubb has made music her life. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, the singer/songwriter also took guitar lessons, but says she learned a lot by "jamming with other players - like a guitar licks swap meet."

Citing musical influences that include Jimi Hendrix, Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt and Shuggie Otis, Meagan was performing in public by her high-school years and formed her first band in 2000. She earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia, then followed her muse west to California. There, she recorded "Color Outside the Lines," which she calls her signature EP. California also was home to Meagan's second band, Sweet Dream. The group gained visibility in the San Diego area.
Next stop on Meagan's musical journey was Austin, Texas, which she now calls home. In the Lone Star State, the singer put together her current band, named after ... who else? ... herself!

She and bandmates - guitarist Jason Nunnenkamp, Berklee College of Music alum John Duran and multi-instrument talent Ric Ricker - now rock the Austin scene in both live and radio appearances. The group won a local talent contest that netted them a recording contract with Willie Nelson's label and their first CD Beautiful Noise is due out in 2007. Their prize also included the opportunity to open for Willie at his annual Fourth of July picnic.

The feel, tone and "beautiful" appearance of Luna guitars drew Meagan to the instruments, and she now plays both Muse and Athena models onstage. The musician says that the "lightweight feel and the ease of play" her Lunas offer just can't be beat. Fans love her distinctive instruments, too. "That's a beautiful guitar, what is it?" is the reaction Meagan says she most often hears at her concerts.

When she isn't performing, Meagan likes to run, cook, draw, read and listen to other musicians play. She says "being able to do what I love, being able to learn, and always being in a state of imagined possibilities" keep her happy with her choices in life.

"Play with love," Meagan advises Luna guitarists, "and you will always go far." Check out the latest on Meagan at her site:

Luna is pleased to call Meagan Tubb a Luna Artist.
Meagan Tubb by Edward Verosky

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