Rachel Pearl

Watch Rachel Pearl perform "I've Got Your Number" featuring a Luna High Tide Ukulele.

Rachel Pearl, photo by  Rina Marie

Rachel Pearl describes herself as a "Fool for old school". One look and listen and it's easy to tell why! Fashion from the 40's has an elegant, classic style that never goes out of style as does the music. And Rachel is the perfect sultry and glamorous vessel to channel that era.

Rachel prefers the clothing of old jazz singers and her favorite artists are 40's and 50's singers Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Julie London and Astrud Gilberto. When asked what she likes best about the music, Rachel replys " I love the verbage of the old jazz and broadway songs. I like to use words and ideas that no one really writes about anymore because I like the playfulness of them. A lot of writers these days leave nothing to the imagination, but I find that it's much more fun to let the listener find what they want from my lyrics."

If she could partner with any performer, alive or dead, Rachel fantasizes about sharing the limelight with Peggy Lee. "I would love to do a show with Peggy Lee. That girl had spunk. I think that we would have put a smashing show together. Maybe we could have a songwriting session. Whoah, can you imagine having a co-write with Peggy Lee? It would be divine!"

Instrumentally, Rachel mixes it up on guitar and ukulele and has this to say about her Luna uke: "After I inherited two very old ukuleles, I loved the idea that I could play something so small and fun and work it into my routine. I started looking for some newer, more dependable ukuleles and happliy stumbled upon the Luna line. The High Tide concert ukulele is as beautiful as it is acousticly warm and well rounded. I can play old jazz standards, new songs that I've written at a solo gig, and jam with the jazz trio. It sounds delightful in every situaion."

Rachel's passions are pretty simple....." To love well, live well, and enjoy every moment that I've been given."

She would like Luna players to know that her New EP "Keepin' It Old School" is out. "Please take a listen and tell me what you think.

Rachel Pearl, Featured Artist

Rachel Pearl, photos by Rina Marie

High Tide Uke

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Rachel Pearl Plays Luna's High Tide Ukulele. Luna's new ukuleles combine the best of traditional profiles and wood selection with fresh new designs to suit the unique players that are making the ukulele their own. The Tattoo and Hona series utilize traditional Polynesian body ornamentation while the Floral and Dolphin Ukes are litle sisters to Luna's beloved Flora and Fauna guitars. The High Tide series are crafted of tropical woods and feature a mother-of-pearl full moon at the first fret with abalone wave markers rising like the tide in response. Check them out!

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