Rebekah Pulley

Born in Alaska and the fifth of nine children, Rebekah Pulley hails from a family where musical talent is the order of the day. "My father was a guitar player and recorded the original version of 'Hot Rod Lincoln' with Charlie Ryan," Rebekah explains. Mom sings and is taking guitar lessons currently. Two of Rebekah's brothers are guitar players, as are two of her sisters. Together, the siblings represent rock and roll, metal and country/western genres. The family tree has solid roots, too. "My grandmother played guitar and upright bass with Tennesee Ernie Ford, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers," says Rebekah. "So did my grandfather, he was also an actor."

With her pedigree, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Rebekah would follow her muse into the spotlight. And that she has. She began writing songs at the age of 15 and added piano and mandolin to the guitar playing ability she began cultivating after a six-chord tutorial from her dad. After a childhood that involved frequent moves for the family, Rebekah found her spiritual home on Florida's west coast.

Asked about her musical influences, Rebekah -- not surprisingly -- starts the list with her own family members. But she also cites such greats as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Elvis, along with newer performers like Chris Smither, Jenny Lewis, Neko Case and Ray Lamontagne.
Rebekah performs frequently on the central Florida music scene with her band the Reluctant Prophets and is spending the summer of 2007 at work on her next CD. There's plenty to keep listeners satisfied until the latest disk is released, though, since Rebekah as already recorded four full-length CDs. "Songs of Southern Zen" was her last release.

"The unique look and feel of Luna guitars" cast a spell that attracted Rebekah to the company. She praises the lightweight feel and great looks of her acoustic/electric Henna Oasis model. Fans love it, too, she says, often asking her to tell them where to get one of their own. And there's nothing like the Luna if there's a long gig to be played, Rebekah observes. She loves "how light it is on my shoulder."

Visit Rebekah's Web site,, for the latest on new releases and upcoming concert dates. You'll quickly come to understand why one Florida arts and entertainment publication named Luna Artist Rebekah Pulley the area's best singer-songwriter.

Luna is pleased to call Rebekah Pulley a Luna Artist.

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