Featured Luna Artist: Robby White

Like most small town kids Robby White wanted nothing more at the age of 18 than to get out of Van Alstyne Texas. A few days after his 18th birthday, he did just that. After 10 years of bouncing around, White decided that Van Alstyne Texas was the only place he wanted to be. "You can be sure that life will change your whole perspective after you get a few miles on you." White (now 34) slyly grins with the look of a man who has found himself.

The North Texas honky-tonk veteran's long awaited Debut album "Backroad Therapy" honestly and convincingly tells Robby's story. Robby delivers a hard driving musical style that is as deep and diverse as his Texas roots. Robby's music has been described as "Dancehall Gospel" and "Neo-Honky Tonk", but if you ask Robby himself, he simply calls it "Texas Music".

The Tejas Gringos: Robby White: Guitar and vocals; Garry Moore: Lead Guitar; Brad Andrew King: Bass Guitar; Chris Clifford: Drums/ Percussion; Kevin Smith: Road Manager
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