Sarah Borges

Sarah Borges and her band, the Broken Singles, have spent the better part of the last year promoting their second album, Diamonds in the Dark, released last year on Dolly Parton's label, Sugar Hill.

Equal parts pop, roots rock and indie rock, the songs sound both familiar yet totally new: a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

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Although comparisons to Neko Case (great voice) and Lucinda Williams (great songwriting) are apt, Sarah's musical influences are indie rockers Pavement and Archers of Loaf as well as X (who she covers on Diamonds), Pretenders, and Neil Young. In fact, the first song she learned to play was Young's "Harvest Moon."
"I could listen to classic rock all day long," she says. "I'm not sure if any of these [influences] come out in my songwriting or playing, but they're always on in my head."

Sarah's Luna of choice is a Luna Athena hollowbody. "Most people, both guys and girls, say, 'It's so pretty!' That usually leads to a discussion of what kind of guitar it is, and how much they like the sound."

Sarah Borges

The Athena is the ideal size for Sarah. "Most guitars are too big for a woman to play without having to wrestle the thing," she explains. "It's a really good fit for me in terms of comfort of playing. And because it's a hollow-body, it's a great guitar for songs that are a little too rock for an acoustic guitar, but still need a good, resonant kind of electric sound."

Sarah is the winner of two Boston Music Awards for Best Female Vocalist (2005 and 2007) and her debut album, Silver City (Blue Corn Records), also won for best local album. She credits singing in the chorus and being in drama club during high school with teaching her discipline and helping to be comfortable in her own skin onstage.

When she's not touring, Sarah enjoys cooking (it's her "Zen thing"), and making art objects out of things she's found, both to wear and display. But most of her time these days is spent on the open road, heading from one gig to the next. The Taunton, Massachusetts native quit her day gig at Berklee College of Music in Boston last year to play music full time.

"My family and my home are really important to me," she says. "I definitely miss both so much on tour that I feel the sacrifice. But I still have as much fun making and playing music as when I learned how at 16. It doesn't matter how good or bad you are as long as you're having a blast."

Sarah is currently writing songs for her next release which will be recorded in August, and then it's back on the road again. Catch her when she comes through your town.

We are proud to call Sarah Borges a Luna artist. Learn more about Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles on the band's web site,

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