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Luna Artist, Sonya Kitchell
Selling 100,000 CDs through Starbucks at 16 years of age is a rockin' way to kick off a musical career.

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"With folksy vocals and world-weary tales, Sonya Kitchell seems wise beyond her ... years," Teen Vogue magazine writes. Not yet out of her teens, the singer/songwriter is already a career musician with a track record of impressive success. Sonya's debut CD, Words Came Back to Me was released in 2006 by Velour Records and Starbucks' Hear Music label. The primarily acoustic album featured a blend of jazz, R&B, folk and other influences.

Sonya grew up in rural western Massachusetts -- the daughter of a poster artist and a graphic artist; the granddaughter of jazz and classical pianists. "Everyone [in the family] sure loves to sing," says Sonya. "Whether or not it's in tune is a whole other matter."

She took up guitar at the age of 12 -- about the same time she began composing songs. She also plays the piano and cello. "A lot of my writing comes from where I live ... in the country," Sonya says, "It's spectacular at all times of the year. Whenever life is crazy for me, I go for a walk in the woods near my house. It's like clearing my palate, and then I can write and reflect. A lot of times I write sitting on my bed and looking out my window at the hills and the trees."
Musical inspirations are varied: Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Marley, Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Bill Withers, and Edith Piaf comprise her list of influences. Oh, and then there's her guitar teacher, June Millington, a founder and lead guitarist of the legendary female rock band Fanny. Asked what she's most proud of so far in her career, Sonya cites "the people I've been able to work with."

CD Convict of Conviction CD This Storm

To catch up with Sonya's amazing career-so-far and to see some of her photographs as well, check out her blog/website below.

"I have the baby blue electric Luna guitar," Sonya says. "I haven't brought it out on the road yet," but people who've seen it always have enthusiastic comments. When she isn't busy on the road or in the studio she enjoys photography and to "drive on long, open roads in the country in the summer."

Luna is pleased to call Sonya Kitchell a Luna Artist.


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