Vicki Genfan
Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Asked what brought her to Luna Guitars, the distinctive and sensational guitarist Vicki Genfan said, "Integrity...and the visuals, which are strong and powerful. The fact that they honor female energy in a way that is not exclusive of anyone; that they have a mature energy that younger players dig and older players resonate with. They're not condescending or stereotypical but genuinely unique in the industry."

"Genuinely unique in the industry" would be just as apt a description of this Luna Artist. Vicki - a composer, singer and player extraordinaire - has been called "the Jimi Hendrix of acoustic guitar" and likened to a cross between Michael Hedges and Johatha Brooke." When you listen, you'll understand why her awesome style defies easy description. Vicki turns a guitar into a whole new instrument of her own invention.

"My main inspiration was my father," says Vicki. "The 12-string was his favorite instrument. He also played the mandolin and fiddle and had a beautiful voice. I started to play guitar at five along with my older brother and my father." Now Vicki plays to audiences worldwide. And fans can hear her any time on CD. Up Close & Personal is her latest, a double disk released in the summer of 2006.

When Vicki paid a recent visit to Luna Guitars headquarters, she shared some of her expertise with aspiring songwriters and musicians, including this advice....

"If you're playing for fun, play as much as you can. Go to parties...jam...share music...learn other people's songs that you love. That's the most important advice - play songs that you love. Learn music from listening. My own learning style was by ear. If it's too hard, send me an MP3, and I'll figure it out for you!

If you're playing professionally and writing, I would give you the same advice that was given to me by one of my best teachers. Take the first five minutes every time you pick up an instrument and play something you've never played before. Better yet, tape record those five-minute sessions. It's guaranteed to bring you jewels and help you break out of ruts. Also, listen to music that inspires you, but take time away from other influences, too, and listen to what's coming from inside you."

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