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Known for its melodic, Celtic-influenced music, Woodland has its roots in Arizona and the American Southwest, but relocated to the Pacific Northwest, where it is now headquartered.

Founders Emilio and Kelly Miller-Lopez are the driving force behind the group and write most of Woodland's songs. A guitar player, Emilio lends his voice to both lead and harmony vocals. He also writes poetry. Kelly's talents are featured on the harp, Celtic whistle and flute. She also handles lead vocals. The pair's tight harmonies are favorites of their fans.


Helping to give Woodland one of the most distinctive sounds around is Kimmy Smith, who infuses the group's repertoire of Celtic jigs and reels with lilting fiddle riffs. Handling percussion are drummer Jarrod Kaplan and Celtic percussionist Vash. Donald Brodsky contributes support on bass and adds occasional tones from the Australian didgeridoo, an ancient wind instrument. Danielle Opal provides guest vocals.

A welcome act at many festivals and Faerie-themed events, Woodland has been instrumental in producing the Northwest's popular Faerie Masquerade events in celebration of ancient mythic holidays, and is a headliner at the Faerieworlds Festival. An alliance with noted faerie artist Brian Froud further strengthened the band's reputation among faerie enthusiasts - the perfect complement to Luna's beautifully-crafted line of faerie-inspired art guitars.

Woodland's uniquely appealing Celtic and mythic melodies lend themselves beautifully to both the ethereal designs of Luna's guitars and to Luna's celebration of the ancient spirit and energy that continues to live within all of us. Woodland's music is available on CD, and the group has been featured with Luna Guitars in Faerie magazine. Complete details on Woodland and its music can be found at the group's Web site: http://www.woodlandmusic.net.

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