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The Luna team extends our sincere thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Your uplifting comments and stories were truly amazing, as was the sheer volume of entries we received! Your enthusiasm told us that you love our contests as much as we love to give our great guitars to deserving winners. So, check back here often because we have more exciting giveaways planned. And we'll share more of your wonderful letters here on the Web site.


Choosing a contest winner from your heart-touching letters was a real challenge! After much deliberation, our staff selected Sharon Balestra's entry. Her photo and letter appear below.


Because many of you wrote to express your frustration that there wasn't yet an authorized Luna dealer nearby (meaning you couldn't send a photo with a guitar), we decided to hold a drawing and award a second Phoenix just for those of you who couldn't send a pic. Thanks to everyone who took time to write and tell us how much you love our instruments! And congratulations to Cristin Jones whose name was chosen in the drawing. Her comments also follow.

Congratulations to Sharon Balestra!

My Luna "Spirit of the Night" is the first guitar I have played that fits my hands and body perfectly, and the artwork (my favorite painting) inspires me while playing it. My Luna has special symbolism for me, because it is the first guitar I have taken with me to play out for others to hear. Playing out was a long-time dream of mine which had gotten shoved down into the "never happen" part of my life, since I had made a series of choices which led to me giving up my dreams to support others'. When my marriage fell apart, I took up the guitar again. I bought an used guitar, practised what I knew, took some lessons and swallowed my fear to get up on the open mic stage and perform some songs. I wasn't good at first, but I forced myself to keep doing it, and now, with the gift of my Luna from my new partner, I am singing at festivals and coffeehouse gigs. I may never be famous, but my Luna helped me take back control over my destiny and showed me that even old, dust-covered dreams can come true.

Sharon J. Balestra

Congratulations to Cristin Jones

Good evening! I unfortunately just learned of Luna guitars and found your giveaway. Supposedly there is a store that sells your guitars really close to me at Drum City Guitar Land which is only a few miles from me. However, I've only been looking for a guitar for a month and haven't ever seen one at the stores I've gone to. (I will of course inquire as to why, they do not sell these lovely insturments and plan to visit one here shortly.) But I'm writing today, just in the off chance that my new found hobby of playing the guitar will be blessed with learning on such a beautiful instrument, like the Pheonix you are giving away.

For me the Phoenix is not only some symbol of death and rebirth, but how sometimes things happen for a reason to guide us through some of our dark and dreary times into the path of enlightenment and remember to enjoy the journey. Upon first hearing about the Pheonix when I was a child, I have often had dreams of the Pheonix and for me it has always been a spirit bird looking over me through my slumbers. So imagine my surprise after sifting through the gazzillions of other guitars out there, when my eye caught they glimmer of a pheonix imbedded on such an enchanting instrument.

In my imagination, when I just look at this beautiful instrument and it's sister, the Henna Paradise, I know that I too will sing like the Phoenix and rise out of the ashes of my novice playing to become what I was meant to become. I know it may sound a bit silly to think that a guitar could have the power to make these hands graceful and coordinated. However, I feel it down in the depths of my soul that if I encourage this creativity with the guidance of such a beautiful and truly inspiring guitar such as any of your models; that I will rise up and meet those musical challenges as they come.

I hope you will still consider me for your drawing and know that I will joyously send photos back of me playing this beautiful guitar should I be so lucky.

Please continue captivating those of us who may doubt all the wonder we, ourselves, can spread.

Sincerely yours,
Cristin Jones

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