Luna Guestbook

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Name: J.Terry
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Message:Our local newspaper had a feature about Luna guitars, so I visited your site; beautiful! In another lifetime I played Bass in local bands, and even made a couple guitars myself, with lots of pearl inlay. I just love the look of your Andromeda Bass and I'll bet they sound good. I once had a Bass 12 string double-neck that I made out of solid maple with ebony fingerboards. It must have weighed 20 pounds! To have a light instrument is a big selling point. If I ever try to play again, I'll look into getting a Luna!

Name: Lynn Allen
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Location:Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Message: Love the updated website! I found Luna 2 years ago on line and fell in love with the "spirit of the Night" guitar. It was so representative of my personality that I just had to have it! Since there were no dealers here in Canada at the time, I had it ordered through Florida; It took some extra effort to get it here and, of course, having not seen it or played it in person, I took a risk in doing so. When it arrived, I was not disappointed - the guitar was beautiful and the sound quality was all I'd hoped for. I love my guitar - nobody else here has one like it! I love being unique. Would love to have the Henna Guitar as well. Hopefully, dealers will be made available here in the east coast of canada soon. More people need to be exposed to these unique, beautiful instruments.

Name: Geoff Walton
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Location:QLD Australia
Message:Just stumbled upon your site whilst looking for the manufacturer of a guitar which I own[Phoenix, not the California company]. I am amazed and delighted by what I found on your lovely website, however Queensland in Australia seems to be a real Luna desert [pun intended :-)]Any chance of us seeing your guitars out here?

All the best


Name: Marie and Max Conklin
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Location:Sparrow Bush, New York 12780
Message: Website is fantastic. Guitars are beautiful. One day we will have a Luna Guitar in our collection. Just a suggestion, can you make a medieval guitar, maybe chainmail, knight on front, castle on back. WOW.

Name: Jeffrey D Brown
Location:Costa Mesa CA
Message: Great site... great looking instruments!

Name:Lynn Louise Lowrey
Message:Can't wait to get my new LUNA black dragon bass ! It will RAWK ....