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At age 16 Ian Thomas is releasing his second CD after the first single, Rain, released last September went straight to number 1 on the iTunes Top Hit chart.

In December Ian Thomas worked with producer Anise K and manager Mark Shaffel to do a Belgian version of Walking On Air including Snoop Dogg and former Nsync band member Lance Bass. Released on January 6, 2014 it was another iTunes sensation.

Ian Thomas is the spokesman for a international campaign against bullying and he has also made the song Turn The Tide, used for a campaign against teenage suicides.

Ian Thomas Talks With Luna

What inspires you?

Life, love and everything positive that goes on in this world and great music off course. I Love listening to different genres and getting to know the artist behind the music. It inspires me to become a better artist myself.


Who were your musical influences?

I have always been a Michael Jackson fan, the way he performed , the way he sang, he was the best there ever was. From my generation i really like Justin Timberlake, he has always been a good role model to his fans and this is something i also want to do in the future.              

Give us a snapshot of one joyful moment in your life.

My first ever US performance last week. I could not believe that i just performed at the Rose Bowl in front of 60.000 people and this on the 4th of July! While i was on stage there was a moment between songs that i was thinking to myself, is this really happening?


Ian Thomas with Bella Blue

Please tell us a little about your role as spokesman against bullying.

When i became famous at the age of 13 it changed my world. Sadly enough not all in a good way. For the first time in my life i started receiving hate mail, and i went from being a normal kid to a celebrity at my school. Students that were older started bullying me and it came to a point that i had to go to a private school. I know there are still a lot of children who get bullied , on the internet, in school ... i want to be a spokesman for them, letting them know that there is somebody out there that knows what they are going through.


What's something about you that would surprise us?

I am quit shy off camera , but when I am on stage it feels like I am on top of the world, it scares me more to perform in front of 10 people then do it in front of thousands. But there are a lot of artists like that i suppose :)


For more Ian Thomas, see his official website.

Ian plays Luna's Henna Paradise Acoustic Guitar

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