India Arie

India Arie is both a remarkable performer and human being. Her smoldering voice and broad appeal have helped her sell more than 8 million albums worldwide. From the moment that her first single Video and her multi-platinum debut album Acoustic Soul were released in 2001, her ascent into the mainstream consciousness was rapid. She established an extraordinary bond of trust, affection and communication with her followers, not only through her extraordinary voice but through lyrics that have been encouraging and empowering to the listener.

India Arie Arie's albums have all debuted on the top 10 of U.S. Billboard 200 with Testimony vol.1 garnering a number one. She has won 5 Grammys. She has performed with a who's who of other greats in the industry. But Arie has not let her success change or define her. Her personal mission is to "spread love, healing and peace through the power of words and music" and she is doing just that with her new project, Open Door.

What is Open Door?

In this fresh musical offering, Arie partners with Israeli artist Idan Raichel – a driving force in contemporary world music — to create a cross-genre collection of songs that are poignantly relevant to a global audience. In a stripped down setting, emboldened by their cause, the two artists confidently deliver one of the most honest musical expressions to have reached the stage in years.

Arie traveled to Israel in 2008 and met producer, and composer Idan Raichel, whose entrancing recordings with the prolific Idan Raichel Project have now gone triple-platinum. Together, they have since written more than fourteen tracks and have performed together onstage at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo, Norway; the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.; and New York City’s Museum of Jewish Heritage. At a private listening show held last summer in Atlanta, the artists debuted Open Door, an album’s worth of emotionally stirring material.

Open Door delivers consistent themes of acceptance and unity that lay the foundation for an impassioned body of work. This penetrating collection forges cultural divides and exemplifies the raw power of open, simple production. Arie has found in Raichel a self-described “musical soul mate” who breathes new life into her signature brand of raw, empowered soulful R&B/pop/folk music. Open Door is a stunning array of effortlessly blended styles that Arie describes as, “the most authentic musical expression of my life thus far.” The authentic East-meets-West experience features minimal production; piano, percussion, strings, winds, and multilingual lyrics sung in Hebrew and English. With an album release set for Spring 2012, the Open Door project is currently touring the US.

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