India Arie

India Arie's first new album after a self-imposed four year hiatus, SongVersation, hit the shelves June 25. The video above for her single, Cocoa Butter, perfectly embodies its message of "healing and acceptance." We might slip the word sensual in there - sensual healing....

Five time grammy winner India Arie hasn't changed her mission: To spread love, healing, peace and joy through the power of words and music.

We see and hear a powerful soul at full voice.

India talks with Oprah about the last few years and her path to now.

India Arie Arie's albums have all debuted on the top 10 of U.S. Billboard 200 with Testimony vol.1 garnering a number one. She has performed with a who's who of other greats in the industry. But Arie has not let her success change or define her. Refreshed and renewed, she seems still herself. The new work adds layers of light to an already impassioned body of work.

Check out the rich, generous website India Arie calls Soulbird. See her on everything from Jay Leno to TED - ambassador for all that is proud and peaceful, powerful and profound in the music world. You can also link to the download for SongVersation from there.

India Arie's new album, SongVersation

We are proud to call India Arie a Luna Artist.

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