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One-Woman Whirlwind ~ Artist Relations for Luna Guitars

One-woman whirlwind Carla DeSantis handles artist relations for Luna Guitars. "I put recording artists and Luna together," she explains. "It's like being a musical matchmaker!"

And it's been a real match made in heaven for Luna. Carla brings a wealth of great music industry experience to Luna Guitars. For a decade, she was the guiding force behind ROCKRGRL Magazine, the only national publication for and about female musicians. "ROCKRGRL's mission was to be a forum for female artists to discuss their issues, concerns and secrets of success," Carla says. Luna was just starting to take off as she was closing the magazine at the end of 2005. A year later, Carla and Luna forged a partnership.

A musician herself, Carla's first stint as lead singer took place during her college years at the University of Oregon in Eugene [population 150,000]. "Our band was so horrible we couldn't get gigs in Eugene and had to drive out to Coos Bay [population 16,000] on the coast where they were more desperate," Carla reveals. But the Boston native says she was hooked and hasn't been able to shake the music-biz bug since. She overcame the less-than-stellar start and has gone on to master guitar, piano and bass, most frequently playing bass as a performer. But songwriting is Carla's favorite. She says she still writes when the inspiration strikes, though Luna keeps her busy, along with "a lot of writing and lecturing about opportunities and challenges for women in the music industry."

With Luna, "I have the best job in the world," Carla continues. "I get to give amazing and beautiful instruments to brilliant artists. It's like being Santa Claus all year long. Luna guitars sound as good as they look. Yvonne (Luna Executive Director and Artistic Designer Yvonne de Villiers) is a genius, and it is thrilling to work with her and her endless well of artistic inspiration."

Luna colleagues know Carla as a real dynamo who possesses an awesome reservoir of energy. Friends and music professionals know her as a savvy insider they can turn to for an honest opinion ... "even if I don't always tell them what they think they want to hear," Carla candidly adds. She calls herself "passionate about making the world a better place," too. And anyone who spends more than a minute or two with her knows Carla is a fun-loving and fun-to-be-around woman.

Since 1996, Carla has called Seattle, Washington home -- a place she characterizes as "a great city with an incredible musical legacy." She calls herself "happily single" and slightly obsessive about her Bichon Frise, Duncan. "But I won't be leaving him $12 million like Leona Helmsley's dog," she adds.

When it comes to music, Carla says that she loves all kinds, as long as it sounds "authentic," and she cites Luna's talented roster of artists as a great source of inspiration. "I think it's important that everyone who wants to play music gets the support and encouragement to follow that dream," she comments. "You learn a lot about yourself when you allow music to be your form of self-expression. And it's a lot cheaper than therapy!" she points out with a laugh.

To learn more about this dynamic woman and respected music industry professional who everyone agrees is a great asset to Luna Guitars -- and a great resource for our artists and players -- visit Carla's Web site:

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