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Kristin Porter's latest release has been called 'a new essential in a great music collection, sharing qualities of past legends with a modern flair' by Christopher Llewellyn Adams of Cashbox magazine. Listen to a track above and read some of her answers to our questions.

Did you take lessons or teach yourself to play?
Over the years I have taken a few lessons. Mainly I find a guitar player I like and try to emulate their groove. The first two songs I learned on my guitar were my originals and my third was Girl From Ipanema.  So I like a challenge. I was invited to tour California one summer and told if I learned to play my originals on my guitar I could go. Four months later I was a playing my guitar up and down the California coast. I challenge myself. I sing in Portuguese. I love Brazilian music and now sing and play Bossa Nova. The Brazilian rhythms just come naturally to me. Once I approached the guitar as a percussive instrument, I fell in love!

Do you play other instruments?
I play percussion, some times jazzy snare with brushes - Brazilian rhythms are my favorite. I play an instrument called a Pandero used for samba rhythms.

When did you write your first song?
First song ever? Sitting on a swing set, I was maybe 6. I think I was in love with my next door neighbor; so I'm sure that's what the song was about. First song I shared with the world, 2005 called "Never Telling Me You Loved Me." Apparently I mastered the art of lyrics and melody, but not making a simple title.

Is your family musically inclined?
My father was a beautiful jazz and contemporary piano player and singer in Dallas where I was born. He had a weekly gig throughout college as a lounge singer, belting Barry Manilow and Broadway. Unfortunately he died when I was less than a year old so I never heard him play. Sometimes I do my music for him - he is one of my inspirations especially since I eventually found my way into jazzy pop soul funky music. That is my connection to him.

What attracted you to Luna Guitars?
We all know in music sometimes it is the package that get you that first look…" Luna makes wonderful guitars. Everytime I pull my Henna Nylon out of the case it takes peoples' breath away and that is cool! It is really neat as a songwriter that just by holding my snazzy looking lLuna people want to hear me sing! So thanks, Luna. And the best part is - it sounds great!

What were fans' reactions?
Woah! So beautiful! Everyone wants to play it after gigs, and is blown away by the sound. They often say, I could never afford a guitar like that, but the best part is…anyone can! Luna's are affordable and remarkably well made for the price! Very important for musicians.

Tell us more! What do you love about your Luna?
I feel a connection to this guitar. I feel it in my writing; I feel it when I play. I am very sensitive to the world around me and this guitar helps me capture what I see, hear, and feel in a way no other guitar has.

That's wonderful! Well! Enough about Luna! Who were your musical influences?
Ceu, Peggy Lee, Astrud and Bebel Gilberto, Duke Ellington, Chet Baker, The Judds, Eryka Badu, Jill Scott, Philip Lassiter,

What are some of your other passions?
I teach Yoga and Pilates. I try to use yoga to inspire other musicians to relax and tap into their own creativity.

Did you have to sacrifice anything in particular to pursue your musical career?
Pursuing music is a way of life. Everything is second to my music, sometimes even myself.

What are you most proud of musically?
One, learning to play the guitar, and second, cutting my last EP live in the studio, "By The Light Of The Moon"

What's up next?
I'm finishing up 5 tunes in Nashville and then working on tunes in NYC with Philip Lassiter, should be released early 2012. Its gonna be more of a pop direction with a latin neo-soul vibe. I'm still writing some of the music, lots of latin influence, one song I wrote is in Spanish and one is in Portuguese.

I'm headed to NYC to record a record and play showcases, you can find me a few timesa month with Nanny Assis at SOB's (Sound Of Brazil) in the west village and please check my website for more showcase dates, I am really excited to present my music to NYC, come out and wish me luck

Here in Nashville, I have started an event series in honor of my Luna guitar endorsement and also to show off my new remix of my "By The Light Of The Moon" Check out my tune above and if you would like to be on my mailing list I will send you the tune for free just for signing up! I would also like to bring my event to your area by making it a "By The Light Of The Moon Tour" so if you would liketo hear me in your area, please contact me and I will put you on my tour for 2012, thanks so much!!!

Thanks, Kristin!

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Kristin Porter plays a Henna Nylon
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