Laura Kidd

She Makes War
is the gloom-pop solo project of
Laura Kidd
– multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, digital polymath and hard working one-woman army. Having graced stages across the world playing bass and singing for Tricky, A-Ha, The Penelopes, I Blame Coco, The Young Punx and Alex Parks, Kidd released debut album Disarm in September 2010 accompanied by five quirky handmade videos and aims to build on its DIY success with Little Battles, a new collection of carefully crafted, powerful alt-pop songs released on April 9th 2012.

Tony Rich and his Henna guitar

Kidd has appeared on panels discussing digital DIY, the live music industry, punk and politics, and artist development for organizations including Unconvention, Norwich Sound & Vision and Music 4.5. She has given lectures and seminars on portfolio working and social media for musicians at colleges around the UK. Her new collective My Big Sister will launch summer 2013 with a series of podcasts.


Yvonne de Villiers sits down down for an interview with Laura

You seem to really be drawn to the visual arts - tell us a little more about this and your work as a photographer

Visuals are a big part of the She Makes War project - I tell stories in lots of different ways and so I use my videography and photography skills to give a glimpse in to another aspect of my world. I've been working as a professional videographer and photographer for about 6 years and I really love creating things for other people as well as for myself.

What your inspiration for the songs you write?

My songs are very autobiographical, to the point where if I wanted to I could tell you exactly what each one is about, so I think the main inspiration for continuing to document my life in such a way is to process relationships and events to make more sense of them, to record them in an attempt to create something beautiful and meaningful where often it feels like things are ugly and futile. There's a lot of beauty in this world and I hope my songs, while gloomy, contain at least a glimmer of hope.

Laura Kidd - She Makes War

You seem like a chameleon...many different sides.  How would you describe yourself as a person and, as an artist?

Yes I am constantly juggling not only projects but parts of my personality - I'm very driven, hard working and ambitious (in terms of wanting to make a lot of things, not necessarily in wanting to get recognition for them), but at the same time am really sociable, outgoing and giggly. In general I'm pretty chilled out but I find it hard to keep the balance sometimes and if I let one aspect of my life take over too much it can have consequences. For example, I know full well that I feel much more capable of doing everything if I go running twice a week and am stricter about getting a good night's sleep but because I'm busy I often let those things slide and pretty quickly feel the negative effects. Balance is so important, but at least at this point in my life I feel like I know myself really well and am in control of how I interact with the world.

If you were stuck on an Island with one person, living or dead, who would it be?

My sister Julia - she always makes me smile.

Tell us why you like your Luna

I love my Luna Dolphin because I can always rely on it for a gorgeous tone. It just so happens that it's strikingly gorgeous too, a real work of art of an instrument, and that really fits in with my visual aesthetic.

We are proud to call Laura Kidd a Luna artist!