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Lyrics for Life - Sister Hazel & Michael Tolcher
Sister Hazel and Michael Tolcher performed at the benefit

Luna raises over $7000 for Pediatric Cancer Center

by Yvonne de Villiers

October 18, 2008 Clearwater, Florida
Last night I was witness to an amazing bunch of folks at a fundraiser by Lyrics for Life for the Tampa Children's Cancer Center.

Ken Block, lead singer of Sister Hazel, lost a brother to T-Cell Lymphoma and was inspired to start Lyrics for Life which benefits various Children's Cancer groups.
One of last night's hosts, Jeff Wilson, inspired us all, urging us to follow the spiritual instinct that binds us and to remember that "Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present." - Albert Camus Jeff was inspired to join in the effort when he visited his son's school and saw a bulletin board of "I wish" letters. One of the letters was from a young cancer patient who wrote "I wish I didn't have to go through any more chemotherapy!" One year later, his own son was diagnosed with the exact same cancer. Thankfully, his son is in remission and he and three other pediatric survivors were on hand to enjoy the festivities.

Miggs and Michael Tolcher also gave wonderful performances. I am happy to report that the two Lunas donated…the Dragonfly signed by Sister Hazel and Dragon signed by Michael Tolcher fetched over $7000 by the end of the evening!

Fauna Dragonfly, one of the two guitars donated by Luna beside the band Miggs (photo by alycia alvarez)

Yvonne deVilliers' glass work for Ronald MacDonald houses in Tampa and St. Pete, Florida
It is amazing to me how things intertwine. In my former incarnation as a glass artist, my most inspiring commissions were for some of the sponsors of the Children's Cancer Center…..Tampa General Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House. These were the types of commissions that fed my soul. So when I wonder what I am doing as a designer for Luna Guitars, which was not a planned career move but rather something I was compelled to follow, the dots seem to be connecting themselves.

And, finally, I share the music on this page from Sister Hazel because it has stood me in good stead during dark times.

Stained Glass by Yvonne deVilliers for Tampa General Hospital
Stained Glass by Yvonne deVilliers for Tampa General Hospital

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