Wesley Spectrum Family & Child Development Center

Wesley Spectrum is a Pennsylvania organization that uses music to provide a variety of services in the Pittsburgh area.

We heard about them from Jeremy Hettman who discovered they were looking for gear. Luna has donated a Flora Lotus and we're following Jeremy's effort with interest.

Jeremy Hettman tells the story:
So one day, I was browsing Craig’s List locally here in Pittsburgh, PA to see what was good for sale and I came across and ad looking for used gear to be donated. I thought I’d ask this person what exactly they were looking for because I might know someone or could point them in the right direction of that specific gear they were seeking.

After talking with them and finding out that the donations were for the Wesley Spectrum Schools Music Therapy Program ... [for] children who are autistic... I found out that they have a “rock band” type of therapy that each one of three schools has an actual band comprised of these kids in which they play, compose, and perform music. Which I thought was pretty cool and knowing how much I enjoy and have enjoyed creating and performing music with my friends, I thought I should do something to help out. After finding out this program was non-profit and speaking with the person in charge, I guess I kind of took it upon myself to put on a local benefit show to raise money to get these kids the gear and instruments that they need to continue to create, compose and perform their music for the holidays.

After speaking directly with Chris Cringle aka “Santa” he said he would take pity upon my soul and let all the bad things I do consistently go if I made this happen, I told him if he could find it in his heart to throw in a Alpine White Les Paul or ESP Eclipse Standard that I would have no problem making this happen. Needless to say, he didn’t go for that and pretty much said that if I didn’t want to wake up in a coal mine that I should do what was in my heart. ;)

So I gathered up some great local bands:, The Old E Allstars, Lovebettie, and The Hitchcock Curse to perform, got some great sponsors such as Luna Guitars to donate items to raffle off and this Saturday we hope to raise enough money to get the Music Therapy Program everything it needs to help these children learn and enjoy the gift of music for years to come.   -J

For more information on Wesley Spectrum, check out their website: wesleyspectrum.org. And check back for photos of Jeremy Hettman's event.

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