Stephanie Sokolinski may have born with a lengthy name, but she has been called SoKo her whole life.

The intriguing 23-year-old French film star, whose charming and quirky demeanor is reminiscent of young Winona Ryder, is a recent transplant to Los Angeles. But don’t let her sweetness fool you – her take on life is disarmingly dark.

Her song “I’ll Kill Her” from the EP Not SoKute, topped the charts after becoming a MySpace phenomenon in The Netherlands, Australia, Denmark and Belgium. The video has logged nearly three million hits on You Tube. The video, she says, was never supposed to be released. But it has made her one of the best-known artists in Europe.

Until recently, SoKo’s main instrument on her funny but sad songs had been ukulele. But she has embraced the guitar, thanks to an aqua Luna Gazelle. “I love it,” she says. “It really is beautiful, sounds great and is easy to play. And is so light, it's crazy!”

Although SoKo spent last summer in Seattle, writing and recording 30 songs with producer Ryan Hadlock (Blonde Redhead, The Gossip), she recently revealed, rather cryptically on her blog, that playing music is more challenging than she thought. And even though she’s recorded enough material for two albums, she says she doesn’t plan to release anything after all. “Sometimes music drives me crazy,” she writes. “It's so hard. People are so much just about money and career, which is the opposite of what I aim for.”

Let’s hope she changes her mind. Listen to SoKo’s music at

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