Luna's new ukuleles combine the best of traditional profiles and wood selection with fresh new designs to suit the unique players that are making the ukulele their own. The Tattoo and Hona series utilize traditional Polynesian body ornamentation while the Floral and Dolphin Ukes are little sisters to Luna's beloved Flora and Fauna guitars.

This pineapple and soprano ukes takes their design from traditional Hawaiian body ornamentation. The designs were monochromatic, tattooed in black against brown skin. The patterns and layout were strongly geometric and there were many shapes and symbols which represented the natural island world:stones, waves, fish, sharks, turtles, rain, sun, birds. The pineapple TATTOO design is primarily based on waves and sharks teeth which are also echoed as fret markers. The HONU soprano is based on a stylized Hawaiian turtle (honu), a symbol of longevity and endurance rendered in a Polynesian tattoo style. Fret markers on this instrument are also sharks teeth.

Luna's inlaid ukes take their inspiration from nature. The DOLPHIN concert uke features a trinity of inlaid abalone and mother-of-pearl dolphins that swim around the sound hole against trans azure over flame maple waves. Dolphins are free spirits that symbolize the rejuvenating power of water, the soul's rebirth after death, and are associated with protection and guidance. The FLORAL concert uke has a spray of Hibiscus and Plumeria around the sound hole inlaid on a trans purple over flame maple body. The hibiscus, is the national flower of Hawaii. Because the bloom only lasts for a short period every day, it sends a message to "seize the day" and symbolizes delicate beauty. The plumeria is a symbol of Spring and is therefore associated with birth and life.

The exotic wood HIGH TIDE concert and tenor ukes aptly take their inspiration from the full moon at the first fret. The abalone wave fret markers below it "rise" as they make their way up the fret board towards the moon's pull. The Luna "full moon" sticker inside the sound hole is framed by an abalone ring. The concert uke is crafted of Koa and the tenor uke of Ovangkol.

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