Vera Project

January 31 , 2001 - The Vera Project is an all-ages music and arts space in Seattle Center whose focus is teaching young people everything they need to know to jump-start a career in music, from silk-screening to booking bands to learning sound and studio techniques, It's also a great and cozy place to hear live music. Since its first show in 2001, the Vera Project's unique programming and concert calendar have become models for similar music and arts spaces across the country.

The Vera Project held its second bi-annual auction on January 31, 2009. All of the city's political and musical luminaries were there. And, of course, so was Luna! Bundled with guitar lessons at Seattle's Rock School, we donated a Lady of Shallot acoustic, which helped Vera raise more than $120,000 in one night. Viva Vera!



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