Jake Casey, YourSpace Contest Winner

Jake Casey, winner of the Design Your Own Guitar "Yourspace" contest, flew from Idaho with his family for his Florida Vacation prize. They visited Luna headquarters Thurs., Feb 26th, and went on the enjoy the rest of their Florida vacation through Sunday the 29th. Here is a recap of those memorable days in his own words.

Hello Yvonne,
Thank you sooooo much for this opportunity of a life time! I had a GREAT time in Florida and I will try to write it back to you in some sort of chronological order. The plane ride into Tampa was a little rough because it was late (or really early) and we arrived to a sunny sunshine state. The tour of the warehouse was exciting, informational and just fun. I love the coffee cups and the tee shirts and I’m in the process of taping up the posters in my heavily postered room. Lunch at the roadhouse was very good and I was glad I remembered to pack my portfolio! After lunch we drove into Oldsmar to get my tattoo done! I have been counting down the days till I was 18 for months so I could get a tattoo and I ended up getting tattooed 2 days before my birthday!! Tom was a spectacular artist and I was soo pumped up to be inked that the pain was an infinitesimal part of the experience and I can’t wait to get more tattoos! I sent pictures to my friends back home and when I showed them my tattoo they loved it. Later that evening we went to Bahama Breeze and I had an awesome noodle dish served by an even “awesomer” waiter. HE got a good tip!
The next day we woke up early to go to Disney World, I don’t remember much of the drive there because I was still tired from the flight and the 5-hour energy drink is a joke! But we got to the Magic Kingdom Park and got our bearings, the plan was to work our way counterclockwise and hit everything that seemed like fun. The plan was a success! I think I was the only one in my family that enjoyed the Space Mountain roller coaster, my little brother had his eyes shut and my mom screamed the entire time!! I was laughing so hard I was crying. I was featured in the Monster’s Inc comedy show, my face was on the big screen and I had a blast!! I got plenty of souvenirs for me and my friends, and my mom got to see the love of her life, Jack Sparrow. And the other attractions were just as awesome.

On our way back to Tampa we stopped by Ybor. The walk around the town was great! We stopped at a bar/grill, Cinco de Mayo where the music was playing and the waitresses were very nice and just fun to be around. After we had our fill of food, we walked a couple of blocks back to the car with one last mission; the hot tub in the hotel had our name all over it!

The next day was my birthday! I got to visit the Salvador Dali museum which was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! Some of his paintings were as tall as a house! I got some souvenirs there for my art teacher and a couple for me. His paintings were sooooo much more than melting clocks, they were stories in layer after layer of oil paint. After a fruitful art experience we went to lunch at Hooters. My mom is addicted to the hot wings but she branched out and is now addicted to the teriyaki wings. And we had Key lime pie, it was good but not as good as the slice we shared at Bahama Breeze. After that we were off to Fort Desoto where we found something we will not soon forget, a dog beach!! There were canines of all sizes running, jumping, catching, playing and splashing all over, you couldn’t help but smile. So we dusted off our feet and hopped in the car because mom wanted to see some dolphins so we drove north to Clearwater. We got stuck in traffic and mom was afraid we were running out of gas but we made it to the dolphin cruise in time even if we were running on empty. The cruise was great, mom got her fair share of dolphins and it was great to see them just having fun jumping in the wake of the boat. I even got to see John Travolta’s house! After the boat docked we just walked around the town and I did some shopping, I found the clearance rack full of designer named clothes like Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier so I was a happy camper. That night we prepared for our departure from 80degree weather to the great white north.

The day we left we packed and checked out, but had some time to kill, so we drove into St. Pete’s and caught the tail end of a marathon, I really enjoyed that part. We went shopping some more and then made our way to the airport. I can’t tell you much about the flight home because my eyes were shut for a mass majority of the time .

My family and I would like to thank you soooooo much for giving us this experience and memories that will last a lifetime!! I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am, and I have never seen James so ridiculously excited about anything like that and my mom got plenty of pictures and she said she would send you some if you want.



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