Малыш Камю

Малыш Камю (or Malysh Kamyu) is a duo - in life and in music. Evgeniy is an electronic engineer and Ekaterina studies literature in college. They are a young couple whose love serves as the inspiration for much of their music. Words from Evgeniy and Ekaterina follow.

“Sometimes we just want to express our feelings to each other and in those moments we just write songs and record them in our home studio. We subsequently publish music online to share with the world.

We create music for the love of it. We have no record label or formal publishing company. For us, it's a simple formula - when someone likes our songs this often leads to invitations to perform. We then take our two Luna ukuleles and do the show. This configuration works best for us because at this point, we don't have people who can play the electric guitar, bass, synthesizer or drum to play what we need. The Luna tattoo concert and Honu Soprano sound (and look!) great together.

It feels to us that Luna Guitars make their instruments with 'big' love. How wonderful it must be to work in a place where you can make something that makes many people happy.

Album Art

We are proud to call Малыш Камю Luna Artists.

Luna's Tattoo Concert Ukulele
Tattoo Concert Ukulele

Luna's Honu Soprano Ukulele Honu Soprano Ukulele

Perhaps one day we will find a place to work doing something that brings joy to others, but for now, our music is the place we create joy & beauty... both for us everyone that our music touches.

Please forgive any issues with our writing - it is hard translating our feelings from Russian and getting them written down. Our hope is that what we cannot say in English will come through in the songs we share. Things like love, tenderness, happiness are things that go beyond language barriers and are things we can all understand.”

Malysh Kamyu