Songwriting & the Inspiration Within

Whether it be through yoga, a long walk, a song on the radio or a simple conversation, We all find inspiration at some point. Songwriting is born of this simple and undeniable truth that every one of us all hit the occasional “Writers Block”. The amount of frustration that follows from this symptom can sometimes be unbearable.

Over the last few years of gigs and traveling I’ve had very rare opportunities, to sit down and speak with some successful Singers. I was able to pick up one tip that’s helped me make the most out of my writing and I’m hear today to share it with you….TAKE YOUR TIME. Rushing a song that ultimately comes from your heart is like playing a guitar without strings. The universe has a way of revealing its message to us all and there’s no way we can hear it if we are overwhelmed. How can we possibly reach ears and hearts with a song we didn’t take the time to genuinely appreciate?

There are some days that I’ll find myself in total seclusion, finding meditation and simply strumming my Luna Guitar with a hot cup of coffee and the next verse suddenly reveals itself. If you can’t find the right words, let the right words find you. MUSIC my fellow tribe members deserves your contribution to the world. Give it your best by loving and feeling every note you create.

Your Instrument is an Extension of Yourself

Wolf Critton

I think I speak for most songwriters when I say our instruments are an extension of ourselves. I never truly understood the meaning of this until I saw the “Vista Wolf”; to me there is nothing more important and precious on stage than having a guitar that speaks for itself. When I was in Iraq I was very closed off and kept to myself. There were nights when I would stand in the desert outside my tent and look at the moon thinking of my family. Knowing no matter how far away I was, we were all looking at the same moon. It was my way of staying connected to the people I love. So you can imagine the flow of emotions that came over me when I saw Luna Guitars “Vista Series”.

“What’s the story behind that Guitar?” I hear this question a lot when I am performing at shows. This gives me the opportunity to share more than my music. What makes us stand out is our testimony in life and how we express ourselves. In my own personal opinion, only Luna has ever created a guitar that spoke to me and brought inspiration just by looking at it. So when you shop for your next Guitar, consider the endless joy of standing on stage with something that has meaning and truly shows an EXTENTION of yourself.

More about the Vista Wolf…

Luna Guitars

Vista Wolf A/E – Gloss Natural w/Case

$699.00+ FREE SHIPPING (U.S. Only – lower 48)

Luna Guitars Introduces the Art Inspired Starry Night Concert Ukulele

Inspired by van Gogh’s Creative Vision and the Art of the Ukulele

Tampa, FL – Luna Guitars, most commonly known for its art inspired instruments, announced the latest addition to the Concert Series: the uke Starry Night. Iconic in its own regard and inspired by the historic van Gogh painting, the Starry Night ukulele has been widely popular since its release at the NAMM Show 2017. One can expect a stunning design with the warm sound and full tone from a concert series ukulele, matched with Luna’s creative vision and the Starry Night design.

“This morning I saw the countryside from my window a long time before sunrise, with nothing but the morning star, which looked very big.” These words were written by van Gogh, to his brother Theo, describing his inspiration for one of his best-known paintings. 

Features Include:

• Mahogany Body & Top

• Walnut Fretboard

• Mother of Pearl Moon Phase Inlays

• Scale Length – 15”

• Pearloid Open Gear Tuners

+ Watch the demo & learn more about the Uke Starry Night.


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Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Rock Cover Songs

Great rock ‘n’ roll covers are an homage to their original versions. Some versions can be considered as one of their own thus becoming as popular as the original version it was derived from. Here are some of the most popular cover versions using ukuleles and acoustic guitars:

The Call of Ktulu by Metallica (cover by Warsaw Guitar Orchestra on Acoustic Guitar)

Still Loving You by Scorpions (Cover by Gabriella Quevedo on Acoustic Guitar)

Tornado of Souls by Megadeth (cover by Simona Soddu on Acoustic Guitar)

Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden (Cover by Thomas Zwijsen on Acoustic Guitar)

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin (Cover by KellyValleau on Acoustic Guitar)

Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Pop Cover Songs

Renditions or covers are an homage to the original versions. Some versions can be considered as one of their own thus becoming as popular as the original version it was derived from. Here are some of the most popular cover versions using ukuleles and acoustic guitars:

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (Cover by Boyce Avenue on Acoustic Guitar)

Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars (cover by ralphjay14 on Acoustic Guitar)

Careless Whisper by George Michael (Cover by Igor Presnyakov on Acoustic Guitar)

How Deep is your Love by the BeeGees (Cover by Tommy Emmanuel & Igor Presnyakov on Acoustic Guitar)

Hello by Adele (Cover by Mackenzie Johnson)

Top 5 Fun Ukulele Open Mic Spots Around the World

luna-ukuleleLuna High Tide Concert Koa Electro-Acoustic Concert UkuleleWho doesn’t love a good open mic night? Open mic gives the opportunity for aspiring musicians to practice their skill set, poets to improve upon writing skills and comedians to see if their jokes survive. For the ukulele movement, open mic nights are a big opportunity for aspiring players to practice their passion. As a leader in the ukulele movement (and lover of ukuleles), Luna Guitars offers a variety of ukuleles with an artistic touch! We believe that beautiful music can be created on an ukulele or any instrument when there is an artistic presence. And the driving force behind this concept comes from our Luna Tribe members, who share their performance pictures, videos and recordings on our social media pages. So let’s look into some cool open mic spots.

Many cities around the world have their own admiration for the ukulele. In 2013, we really saw the powerful impact ukuleles can have when folks come together to spread happiness and brighten up your morning commute on the subway. How awesome is that!? We are seeing the ukulele, as well as the acoustic guitar, appearing more in open jams, house concerts, and schools as part of the ukulele movement.

Check out this list of 5 places around the globe that you can get up to sing or play your guitar and ukulele in front of an open mic:

One of the most popular hot spots in the Greater London area, the atmosphere is built for musicians to test their luck on stage! This pub offers a variety of fresh made dishes, great beer, wine and spirits selection and a cozy atmosphere for guests. In 2014, they won CAMRA North London Pub of the Year and are currently listed in the Good Beer Guide. What more could any musician want from a gig spot?

Ranked the #1 LA Open Mic spot in USA Today in 2016, this spot offers open mic slots 5 nights a week! Nestled in the lively Historic Filipino Town area of Echo Park, you will surely have a great time. The many time slots are open to anyone from musicians to spoken words, comedy and other forms of creative self-expression. They offer a great menu of food and drinks, too! Be sure to check this place out next time you find yourself in LA.

When in Paris, you might find yourself desiring for just a bit more culture. Why not head to the local Irish pub? Don’t forget to take your instrument with you, as there is an open mic night on Mondays, beginning at 9:30 PM. So, grab a pint and some yummy food, beforehand, and get ready for a great night!

Now this place, it is near and dear to my heart. A Nashville icon, the heart and soul of country music gigging; The Bluebird Café is an absolute MUST! On any given night of the week, you will find music and often from some of country music’s most prolific songwriters and musicians, but don’t let that intimidate you! Get down there to have a great time in an intimate setting. Be sure to call ahead for their Monday Open Mic; see their website for more information about snagging a slot!

What an amazing resource for up and coming musicians in Australia! This organization hosts open mic nights at four different hot spots on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. From hotel bars, to standalone bar and supper club spots, they’ve got you covered four nights a week! All levels of performers and musicians are welcome, as are original pieces or covers! What a fantastic organization for the gigging musician to get in with. Get out there and put your skills to the test!



Tampa, FL (December 07, 2016)Luna Guitars announced the latest addition to the Vista Series, the Vista Deer Tropical Wood Acoustic / Electric. This new offering from Luna offers an artistic glimpse of a deer in its natural habitat, surrounded by the fruits of nature. Consumers are not only drawn to the aesthetically pleasing aspect of a Vista Series guitar but also the variety of wood combination used to craft the instrument together. See specs for more information on wood selections: 

The Vista collection evokes majestic landscapes, with open spaces to all sides and above, allowing creativity room to roam. Like the other Vista models, the Vista Deer comes with a tooled leather hard shell case.

To schedule an interview or showing at the NAMM Show, please contact

Features Include:

• Cocobolo Body

• Mahogany Neck & Ebony Fretboard

• Pearl Moon Phase Inlays

• Fishman® Presys+ Preamp System

• Grover Tuners

• Natural Gloss finish with Black and Gold Hardware

To watch Demo video, visit


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LUNA’S NEW Flora Orchid – Classic White Model to be Introduced at NAMM

Tampa, FL (December 07, 2016) – Expanding on the popular Flora Series, Luna Guitars announces the Flora Orchid in Classic White. The Flora Orchid is a symbol of the Orchidea flower, offering a variety of colorful sounds and a unique look. Guitarists will find this to be an exceptionally comfortable instrument as both a result of its parlor size, and also the onboard pre-amp, which delivers flexibility for amplification. The Flora Orchid features a comfortable, parlor body that suits a variety of players. To schedule an interview or showing, please contact

Features Include:

• Maple Body / Spruce Top

• Mahogany Neck & Rosewood Fretboard

• Pearl Moon Phase Inlays

• Luna SL3 Preamp w/Tuner

• Comfortable C Shape Neck Profile

• Classic White finish with Brushed Nickel Hardware

To learn more about Luna Guitars, visit



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4 Key Tips for the Aspiring Musician

When one chooses the path to becoming a musician they slowly start to realize that it is a road of uncertainty. There are individual obstacles, goals, and forms of independence. However, there is this vision that we each share; the undeniable desire to succeed and in that comforting thought, you are not alone. Having been a traveling musician for ten years, I’ve slept in airports, on park benches and trains. As a result, I have been lucky to play some pretty amazing shows. Those times on the road taught me how bad I really wanted this life and if I had the heart, mind and spirit to see it through.

If I could give you any tips it would be this:

1) There is no such thing as over planning, but always be ready to adapt if things don’t go as planned.

2) Discuss every aspect of your show with the venue before you leave.

3) Learn the area your traveling too, the safe places and dangerous.

4) For the solo artist, as we say in the military “Bring a battle Buddy”. That means a relative or friend. Not only will they look out for you, but I promise they will also enjoy the journey just as much as you.

Above all, these are four things that have saved me in so many ways. Although, I promise when you’re done you’ll have tips of your own to give other musicians. Pass along your experience to the next artist and you’ll likely gain a fan in the process. Wishing you safe travels and the wonderful experience of self-discovery.

Why small guitars don’t mean less quality

In today’s world, we have seen almost all things humans use grow smaller as our knowledge of the universe grows bigger.  Our favorite gadgets, an overhead limit of 8 second clips in internet content, even songs on the radio show the world is becoming more concise!  There are many ways we as striving musicians can bend with this new tiny trend of “all small”, but one theme that seems to be standing out more and more is the use of the “Travel Guitar”. Commonly, these tiny tune-makers seem to lead buyers to believe they should second guess the quality of the instrument, due to its size; however, there are many reasons why small does not mean “less quality.”  Less is more they always say!

There are many benefits of cutting down your guitar’s size. One of the main reasons why one might strike up a friendship with one of these baby guitars is that they are lighter for travel. If you are a bustling musician on the go, like me, you will love the way they don’t weigh you down. Since they are so lightweight, they are also very conducive to on-the-spot-jam sessions.  These guitars can go with you everywhere!
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