Luna Guitars Expands Nashville Presence: Live on WSM 650am

Luna Guitars Talks Acoustic Guitars, Ukuleles, St. Jude and Collaboration with the Warren Brothers Live on 650 AM WSM, Nashville Today

Tampa, FL — April 21, 2018 On Wednesday, April 10th, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. Central Time the light on the On-Air sign illuminated Nashville Today host Devon O’Day welcomed Luna Artist Jessica Rose and Adam Gomes, Director of Marketing & Artist Relations at Luna Guitars, back to WSM and behind the mic. Topics of discussion included Luna’s expanded Nashville presence, a recent video shoot with legendary songwriters The Warren Brothers, iHeartMedia’s Charity event for St. Jude, and the power of brand ambassadors. Read the overview of the segment below.

On April 9th, Luna stepped into the world of award-winning and pro-songwriting duo most commonly known as The Warren Brothers, to record guitar demonstration videos at Big Loud. The guitars featured are  from the Artist Series, which includes the Vintage Series and the all-solid wood Recorder Series. Each series will be added to the Luna website on their corresponding product page. Brad Warren, known for his lead-guitar playing skills, demonstrated the playability of the Recorder Series, while Brett Warren enjoyed the smooth strumming and rustic feel of the Vintage Series.

Demonstration videos with The Warren Brothers are expected to be released early Summer 2018. More information coming soon.  

“It’s no surprise two highly-talented people like The Warren Brothers recently won a CMA Triple Play Award for writing 3 hit singles in a year – they are great guys and deserve it,” said Gomes to host Devon O’Day, who is also a friend of The Warren Brothers. “We are thankful they were generous to make time to shoot demo videos for Luna and even more thankful they approve of the Vintage & Recorder Series’ guitars.”

On Sunday, April 8th Luna Guitars partnered with The Big 98 to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at the annual Songs & Stories at Wildhorse Saloon. The annual event hosted by iHeartMedia featured performances from prominent songwriters such as Chris Destefano, JT Harding, Lauren Alaina, as well as Luna special guests Jessica Rose and Payton Taylor. Luna Guitars donated acoustic guitars to be autographed and auctioned for charity with all proceeds donated to St. Jude.

“Songs & Stories was an intricate storytelling evening and we hope the guitar donations help make a big monetary impact for St Jude’s,” said Gomes, speaking with Devon O’Day on air. “The event was also an opportunity for aspiring musicians in attendance to test drive a new guitar or ukulele from a brand making waves in the Nashville scene.”

Transitioning the discussion from Artists and Songwriters to the modern technological world, O’Day asked Luna Artist Jessica Rose, “What role does social media play when it comes to Artist development and reach?” Rose replied, “It is so cool to be able to communicate with my fans on a daily basis! I love hearing their feedback and bringing them behind the scenes on projects that people wouldn’t necessarily be able to see!”  

Gomes added, “Jessica is correct and does a great job. Artists should continuously stay-on-top of social media accounts that keep the target audience dialed-in and keeps their message fresh for fans. From a manufacturer stand-point, you can find some of the best brand ambassadors such as Luna Artist Chase Stephen, who will be instrumental in promoting brand awareness across social media.”

While wrapping up their time on the air, Devon O’Day asked  Adam Gomes questions about niche-specific instruments:

Topics discussed included:

  • Children’s guitars
  • 6-String Ukulele
  • Most Popular Ukulele Body Shape
  • Cajon

“Creative innovation begins with choosing the right instrument for you.”

For more information regarding Luna Instruments contact, Adam Gomes, Director of Marketing & Artist Relations at Luna Guitars at or visit

Luna Guitars Introduces the Art Inspired Starry Night Concert Ukulele

Inspired by van Gogh’s Creative Vision and the Art of the Ukulele

Tampa, FL – Luna Guitars, most commonly known for its art inspired instruments, announced the latest addition to the Concert Series: the uke Starry Night. Iconic in its own regard and inspired by the historic van Gogh painting, the Starry Night ukulele has been widely popular since its release at the NAMM Show 2017. One can expect a stunning design with the warm sound and full tone from a concert series ukulele, matched with Luna’s creative vision and the Starry Night design.

“This morning I saw the countryside from my window a long time before sunrise, with nothing but the morning star, which looked very big.” These words were written by van Gogh, to his brother Theo, describing his inspiration for one of his best-known paintings. 

Features Include:

• Mahogany Body & Top

• Walnut Fretboard

• Mother of Pearl Moon Phase Inlays

• Scale Length – 15”

• Pearloid Open Gear Tuners

+ Watch the demo & learn more about the Uke Starry Night.


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Top 5 Fun Ukulele Open Mic Spots Around the World

luna-ukuleleLuna High Tide Concert Koa Electro-Acoustic Concert UkuleleWho doesn’t love a good open mic night? Open mic gives the opportunity for aspiring musicians to practice their skill set, poets to improve upon writing skills and comedians to see if their jokes survive. For the ukulele movement, open mic nights are a big opportunity for aspiring players to practice their passion. As a leader in the ukulele movement (and lover of ukuleles), Luna Guitars offers a variety of ukuleles with an artistic touch! We believe that beautiful music can be created on an ukulele or any instrument when there is an artistic presence. And the driving force behind this concept comes from our Luna Tribe members, who share their performance pictures, videos and recordings on our social media pages. So let’s look into some cool open mic spots.

Many cities around the world have their own admiration for the ukulele. In 2013, we really saw the powerful impact ukuleles can have when folks come together to spread happiness and brighten up your morning commute on the subway. How awesome is that!? We are seeing the ukulele, as well as the acoustic guitar, appearing more in open jams, house concerts, and schools as part of the ukulele movement.

Check out this list of 5 places around the globe that you can get up to sing or play your guitar and ukulele in front of an open mic:

One of the most popular hot spots in the Greater London area, the atmosphere is built for musicians to test their luck on stage! This pub offers a variety of fresh made dishes, great beer, wine and spirits selection and a cozy atmosphere for guests. In 2014, they won CAMRA North London Pub of the Year and are currently listed in the Good Beer Guide. What more could any musician want from a gig spot?

Ranked the #1 LA Open Mic spot in USA Today in 2016, this spot offers open mic slots 5 nights a week! Nestled in the lively Historic Filipino Town area of Echo Park, you will surely have a great time. The many time slots are open to anyone from musicians to spoken words, comedy and other forms of creative self-expression. They offer a great menu of food and drinks, too! Be sure to check this place out next time you find yourself in LA.

When in Paris, you might find yourself desiring for just a bit more culture. Why not head to the local Irish pub? Don’t forget to take your instrument with you, as there is an open mic night on Mondays, beginning at 9:30 PM. So, grab a pint and some yummy food, beforehand, and get ready for a great night!

Now this place, it is near and dear to my heart. A Nashville icon, the heart and soul of country music gigging; The Bluebird Café is an absolute MUST! On any given night of the week, you will find music and often from some of country music’s most prolific songwriters and musicians, but don’t let that intimidate you! Get down there to have a great time in an intimate setting. Be sure to call ahead for their Monday Open Mic; see their website for more information about snagging a slot!

What an amazing resource for up and coming musicians in Australia! This organization hosts open mic nights at four different hot spots on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. From hotel bars, to standalone bar and supper club spots, they’ve got you covered four nights a week! All levels of performers and musicians are welcome, as are original pieces or covers! What a fantastic organization for the gigging musician to get in with. Get out there and put your skills to the test!